R is for Ratcatcher

I write about starting in the lowest, most pathetic careers as a sort of challenge for the experience roleplayer. WarHammer's Ratcatcher seems to epitomize the bottom of the totem pole, the lowest of the working class. I have played into this stereotype myself, but I think I was wrong.

It is this character's job to catch rats. This often sees him slinking through filthy sewers and cornering starving vermin. He has nothing to protect himself but a sling and a small but vicious dog (unless you are lucky and have one of JMT's companions, a ferret).  This character is never out of work, and he is tough!

A ratcatcher has immunity to disease and poison (which, oddly enough, doesn't make you immune but give a bonus to save vs). They can hide, move silently, and set traps. Additionally, as mentioned, they come with a companion animal. Very few other careers have that bonus (I actually can't think of any right now besides the noble with his hangers-on :wink:).

A ratcatcher is a very handy companion to have in the party. They are used to hunting down rats in tight spaces. And they probably are happy to be in the companion of other humans.

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