Q is for Quennells

The quest for a heading for the letter Q led me to a city I'm not overly familiar with in a country I don't interact with too often.

Quennelles is a Brettonian city, located due west from the intersection of the Grey and Black Mountains. To get there from the Empire, one must cross the mountains, facing the dangers inherent therein, and then cross the Loren forest. It's a toss up which is more dangerous.

The city itself is one of disrepair, with "generations of poor maintenance, and widespread disinterest..." The city has become a den of thieves, with the Governor and his crew being the chief thieves. The populace is poor, underfed, and unhygienic. The city is crumbling down around itself. It makes one wonder why anyone stays, and where people would go if they chose to leave.

It also makes one wonder what has the attention of the aristocracy that keeps them from fixing these problems. I smell Slaanesh.

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