S is for Smuggler

All that is certain in the Warhammer world are death (with the possibility of going insane first) and taxes. Toll houses along the road tax you. There is a tax for entering the city. A tax for being allowed to sell in the city, and a tax for the goods you sold in the city.  (I wouldn't be surprised if Marc's T post contains pages upon pages of way he can screw the players over with taxes.) Goods could be had at a much more reasonable cost to the common man if there was a way around the taxes.

Enter the smuggler.  The smuggler is the little entrepreneur who is tired of getting taxed out of business. Though a rogue class with some sneaky abilities, the smuggler is not necessarily a thief. He's just working outside the law in this particular venture.

The smuggler can skillfully drive across country or row into lesser-patrolled ports with his goods. He has skills to move quietly through the city or through the country. He has contacts to sell his goods to. He's a handy person to have in the party, or at least to have contact with if there isn't one in the party.

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