T is for Troll Slayer

(Seriously, what else would T be for, since I'm playing a Troll Slayer in an online game?)

Dwarf culture is very...honorable. A dwarf will keep his oath even to the loss of his life. Sometimes something happens to a dwarf, or the dwarf makes a horrible choice in life, that will cause him shame. If the shame is great, the dwarf feels there is no way to redeem himself except a glorious death battling horrible racial enemies.  Enter the Troll Slayer.

The Troll Slayer is all about battle, death, and doom. The Slayer is doomed to die an epic death, fighting such creatures as trolls, giants, dragons, or daemons. A Slayer who does not find a death worthy of his shame will live the afterlife in ignominy.

Elite fighting units made up of nothing but dwarf slayers can wreak absolute havoc on an invading force. However, this unit of dwarves is about as controllable as a herd of cats. Each is stubborn, with narrow vision, focusing only on whatever they consider their own great doom. They will kill anything in the path, which is why dwarf attack forces like it when the enemy keeps the big guys in the back.

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