O is for Outlaw

In WarHammer, Outlaws are the characters that are driven from society for some fell deed or dangerous accident. They take up their homes in forests or hills away from civilization. It is often convenient for these outlaws to come together in bands, for more power but also for survival.

Outlaws survive by raiding and robbing the rich, which is just about anyone compared to the outlaw. Outlaws make rural roads and paths dangerous locations, necessitating the need for Roadwardens. Travelers would do well to have a roadwarden or two around, if they have not hired mercenaries to protect them along the trail.

However, who protects the outlaw? Forests, fields, and hills aren't just dangerous for travelers, but they are dangerous to any human. The forest-based outlaw needs to be wary of beastmen or elves. Beastmen will kill, enslave, or eat any creature in their path. Elves are very secretive and territorial, and they may not treat you much better than a beastman in the end.

In the hills, the outlaw needs to be wary of orcs and goblinoids. Dwarves may be willing to be more forgiving, unless they realize the outlaw for what he really is. Goblins would prefer to torture an outlaw.

The law of the wild is the survival of the fittest. This is why outlaws will often be found congregated, defending themselves even as they seek to take advantage of others.

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