U is for Unicorn

In a game as deadly, grim, and perilous as WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay, why is the world is there a unicorn in the rule book? Specifically, a creature that "may permit itself to be ridden by a character who is absolutely pure in thought and deed?" That describes few, if any, characters I have ever encountered in the WarHammer world.

The creature is definitely very powerful, being almost completely immune to magical spells and having the ability to destroy an undead within 20 yards. However, I can't say I've ever had the opportunity to use a unicorn in any game I've ever played or run.

It seems like a creature that would be at home in the nearby country of Brettonia, likely somewhere in an elven forest.  I'd really be interested to hear how anyone else has ever used a unicorn in their game.


Geoff N. said…
I'm trying to imagine a Warhammer unicorn. I think it would need a chainsaw for a horn, and maybe tank treads as hind legs.

Geoff at ROFL Initiative
Roger said…
Maybe you are thinking of a Warhammer 40K unicorn. :)

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