L is for Lynx

Lynx - a feline touch in a wolf world

Warhammer world highlights wolves over all. From its relation to Ulric and as a basic animals of Empire forests. Let’s face it, we have too much wolf and that’s not good. Some would even say that’s bad wolf. We already mentioned boars so this time we focus on the Lynx, bobcat, and wild cats.

Lynx are a rare sight in Empire forests because they are mostly active during the night and are solitary. They avoid humans as much as possible. However they live in all forests and are known as efficient and stealthy predators. They are very poor runners so they are master in ambush, sprinting from a hidden spot or jumping from a tree directly on their preys. The most common species is the forest lynx that can be found in most provinces of the Empire. But there are several subspecies of lynx in the Empire. The red lynx is found in the southern provinces hills and open scrubs. The marsh lynx is found in the dryer part of the Wastelands. Finally the white lynx is an extremely well adapted inhabitant of the snowy peaks of the middle mountains.

Both the body and the head of the lynx are used by few minor Hochland nobles in their heraldry. This symbol represents acuteness and insight. Few hunters catch lynx for their fur but it is an opportunity activity. Lynx are too rare and difficult to catch to make it a full time job. On another hand elves have strong bounds with the forest lynxes. Caraidh cadmorr are specialist in handling lynx as animal companion. Elven beast masters praise all the qualities of the Lynx for hunting small to medium prey. There are rumors of druids taking the oath of the lynx: to hunt down dark druids. If this is rumors is true, it would mean that the old faith have few member serving in the same role as master vigilant does for college of magic.

Game masters can use lynx to weaken a character party traveling in the wilderness. It would try to catch all small animal like familiars. A tainted lynx with several mutations is a great alternative to manticore or dire wolf. Catching a lynx for a noble tamer, zoo or for a rich merchant looking to offer a present to a noble house is a dangerous and hazardous mission. Someone can create a secret order of knight lynx. Or ask a squire character to carry a lynx hunt in order to get promoted higher in any knightly order.


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