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Prospector Leone Anwyn Wolff


"People don't think me lucky, but I am. I guess luck, sometimes, is in the eye of the beholder.

"For instance, I know for sure I'm working straight toward a big gold find. I know it. If I had one more day, a full day of work, I'd be there. The problem is that I don't have enough energy to put in another full day of work...or even multiple partial days of work. I have been out here for months straight and I am beat.

"So I had to set off, leave my find behind. I'm out of food, out of scraps, and out of hope of making it back to town alive if I didn't leave now. I had hoped someone would pass me along the road and offer a ride. Again, I was lucky.

"I found out later just how lucky I really am. A roadwarden picked me up on his way to the next settlement. I don't weigh any more than 100 pounds soaking wet right now. It was nothing for him to carry me behind him on his horse. He even had some food, trail rations notwit…