B is for Beastmen

Though there are multiple careers I could have listed for B, and some of them iconic WarHammer careers in my mind, I could not perform my first A-Z run through without listing Beastmen in the B slot. Other roleplaying games may use goblins, dragons, orcs, or stirges as their iconic baddie, but WarHammer has developed the beastman to an even higher level.

Beastmen are typically shown as a cross between a human and a goat, that is a humanoid with satyr-like legs, a fanged goat face, and curling horns. However, the book's bestiary actually lists multiple mutations the beastman could be "blessed" with. These include tentacles, prehensile tails, and extra arms.

The beastman is probably the creature with the most variety out of any bestiary I have ever seen. They don't have to be goats. They don't have to have beast heads. Take a human, mutate it in just about any way you desire, and send it into the forest to live with a "pack," and you'll have a beastman. This is why you'll see varieties like these ones I have posted in the past:

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