April A-Z Guest Blogger

While talking about the April A-Z blogging in our WarHammer G+ community, it came up that another member would like to participate. He doesn't have a website, or doesn't have one he wants to use for this purpose, so I have volunteered to post his entries.  My posts will be at 0900 USA EDT. His posts will be at 0000 GMT (maybe 0001 to make sure I don't mess something up). I'll be retro-posting his first two entries  so be sure to check the links below.

He's from Europe, so he requests that you bear with any imperfect grammar/terminology. Here's his intro:

Revisiting the Fauna of the Old World
2013 A-Z WFRP challenge


An humble attempt to merge a writing challenge and new ways to present and use some classical and iconic Warhammer fauna. Cats, dogs, horses, fish and mushrooms are part of the Old World and can be used in atypical way for challenging even veteran players. Here are entries for helping game masters in their presentation of this setting. Players aren’t the main audience but they will find some new perspective for their characters.

Each text is focused on the Empire as that’s the main starting region of WFRP. I tried to offer story hooks and plot as much as possible. Those are some hints and suggestion, they are in no way a true explanation or description. Moreover there is no system information and no reference to WFRP timeline. Therefore there are no constraints regarding WFRP versions and canon. GM are encouraged to customized all these ideas to match their game.


A is for Amoeba
B is for Boar

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