K is for Königlich Krabben

Königlich krabben - Sea of Claws crustaceans

Islands hanging along the costs of Nordland host a very special event. Every five to six years they are invaded by a myriad of crabs of all sizes. Their colors range is orange-yellowish and they all bear several spiky overgrowths circling their head as a crown. Their body is also covered by scratches, teeth marks, their spikes harpooning fishes never seen in fishermen nets. Locals have given them the name of Königlish krabben. They are rather passive and innocuous as they don’t defend themselves or attack anything. This event is referred as the orange wave or crabs great walk. It lasts a couple of weeks and occurs in fall. It is always a time of excess, tensions, question and superstition.

As crabs don't fight back, locals collect them as an easy source of food. Whole families travel to an island, install a boiling marmit and a processing bench. Within a day, dozens of foot wide crabs are captured, boiled and their meat removed from their shell. Crab meat is tasty but the one of the königlich krabben not really. But its abundance of supply, easiness to collect and winter season closing in make it an usual activity. Its common for villages with bad harvests or merchant companies to slaughter most of the wave reaching one location. Greed and gluttony fuel the fires cooking the crustaceans all days and nights.

Priests of Manann organize offices to celebrate the return of the orange wave as a sign of the god. They also warn their followers about the danger of not respecting this gift. Beliefs and needs in such time are conflicting. As a result tensions rise, tempers get hot, and words get harsh. For foreigner with a keen sense of observation, it looks like every man and woman confronted with the orange wave is changed.

Academicians have opposing views on the procession. It is a topic of intense debate between two theories. One group named naturalists claim that it is all about a natural cycle of reproduction and migration as for many other species. This theory is attacked by the group of alienists opposing several points.

  • No sign of mating has been found. Crabs reproduce in water, not on land.
  • Crabs have no reason to travel to island and avoid continental shores.
  • Animals have self preservation instinct but not köninglich krabben.
  • Extend with your own ideas.
Superstitions and mysteries regarding the orange wave are source of several rumors::

  • Cult of Stormfels kill the people slaughtering the artisans of the Seas. It is said that even offended Manann priestes are pushed to murderous behaviours.
  • Witch hunters claim that collectors of this insidious offer of chaos must be boiled to death. The procession starts during a night when Manslieb and Morrslieb are full is a sign. Scars and shells on the crabs carapace form symbols of chaos. 
  • The celestial order are forecasting the orange wave and sending member on site. They try to interpret the wave as signs without much success. They know that there is a message but they don’t know which one.
  • Extend with your own ideas.

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