F is for Fungi

Fungi, lichen and molds - immobile friends and foes

Fungi, lichen, mushrooms and molds are a special case. They are their own domain, neither animal nor vegetable. They focus all fears and dreams about special properties ranging from deadly to healthy.

Apothecaries and pharmacists are using various kind of fungi in their preparations. Depending of the effect required, the options are usually within two or three different specimens. Effectiveness, unwanted side effects and availability define the market price. Tradesmen are looking to hire people going directly at the source to collect those. These journeys are of course risky. Skilled characters might collect some specimens during their journeys.

The game master should take this into account when players are looking for healing. That’s an easy way to add some flavor so that players aren't just shopping for health points or goods. Characters can resell their harvest or exchange it. Some fungi and molds are powerful poison or drugs. Their price are quite high on the black market. Collecting, selling or purchasing those are really dangerous. Authorities are fighting dealing but the amount of money involved make criminals involved harsh on any form of competition.

Mushrooms are much used by goblins and other green skins. This race have a strong knowledge of fungi but it is totally spoiled by traditions and superstition. Here are few sample of such facts and tales to use in any game involving goblins or humans. Tales on one side could be a fact on the other.

  • Shaman need green fungi powder to cast spell.
  • Any yearling goblin surviving ingestion of black mold will become a shaman.
  • Grey lichen eaten in the evening brings a good night of raiding.
  • Goblins are born out of mushrooms. Hence they have no women or children.
  • Yellow mold are best used against armored foes.
  • Pink lichen are good for us but bad for them.
Extend this list with your own facts or rumors.


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