Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Pit Fighter

Pit fighters are people who fight others for fun and sport.  The fights normally occur in a ring, or pit, with a lot of gambling and carousing in the background. Pit fighters could be considered cheap, dirty, poorly trained gladiators.

However, pit fighters who actually survive a few fights may find themselves quite skilled with a variety of weapons, fist-fighting skills, and overall survival skills. These are the kind of characters that make for great adventurers. They have been in a fight or two, know how to fight to win (as opposed to fighting for show like the dandy duelist), and know when to retreat from a superior combatant.

Pit fighters are used to battling other muscle-bound fighters, medium sized animals, or even half orcs. They know how to keep their cool, and always seem to come out on top.

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JMT said...

One of my current player is a pit fighter / body guard. He is looking to become a sword of Verena. Not sure how I will tailor that but likely as a mix of templar / judicial champion.