G is for Genet

Genet, civet, ferret, marten and mink - small, vicious and stubborn

Those small animals are member of mustelidae and all have something in common: they would dare anything to reach food or shelter. Any character traveling the countryside will meet some specimen at one point.

Amber and Jade wizards choose these animals as a familiar more often than any other colleges’ members. The genet and the marten are very inventive and stubborn. They have feline agility with canine ferocity packed in a small size animal. Their diet is simple as they will try anything new. As wizards improve their magical link with the animal, all these qualities become a great advantage. Spellcasters are able to partially control, trigger or enhance those capacities and use them.

Few ratcatchers replace their iconic vicious dogs for a civet, ferret or a marten. These professionals are using natural rat predator with all the quality previously explained. Mustelidae anatomy is far superior to dog’s one. They have smaller, thinner frame with claws to help them progress in small conduits.

Some specie of mustelidae like mink are bred by fur traders. Hats and caps in mink fur are praised by the upper class of the Empire. They are warm and nice way to show status during the long winter. These head clothes are sometimes ornate heraldic symbols to show even more authority and power. Mink also produce strong scent used in perfumes prepared for the same upper class. This business is lucrative but highly volatile due to the change of fashion in the upper class.


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