[WFRP 2e] Relics of Nehekhara Prologue 2

Erik Holt - Human Tomb Robber

My companions
Lunn - Dwarf Gaoler Bungo - Halfling Grave Robber Fyodor - Human Badlander
Pappy - NPC Human Beggar
Mr Cheesers - Lunn's pet rat

(Previous Notes)
Last time Fyodor and Erik were caught trying to enter a dwarf tomb and were taken to gaol.

“Quiet down, ya lot! Or y’ll got a taste o me stick!” The dwarf gaoler was bald, with a fuzzy red beard. He was irritated that his cells were full of beardless ingrates who lacked the coin to bribe him for release. He tossed a chunk of stale bread to Mr Cheesers and went to investigate the barrel of wort from the brewery. "These lot have it too good that they get fresh wort for dinner.” He grumbled.

One of the battered humans (Erik) perked up. "Yes, sir. I don't suppose a visit from a healer is possible with incarceration?"

“A healer? Ya bloody well want a healer does ya? Fer a coin I might see that ya dinna kick it, fer two I might see ya get buried if’n ya do.”

"A coin. Yes.…

[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 1

Wilfried Neumann - One-eyed Bawd
I needed to get out of town after my last take, and I had just the place to go: Altdorf. The Crown Prince of Ostland was there, wishing to employ the services of "skilled adventurers" for an indefinite amount of time. I was sure I could convince him my skills were indispensable once I'd worked for him for a bit. And the pay was 20 gold a day!

I was traipsing south when, one by one, others started joining up. It turned out they had all heard the Prince's call for help. I wasn't sure how they all expected to be of service, especially the dwarf, considering the call specifically stated dwarves need not apply. Regardless, we all arrived at the Coach & Horses Inn in the evening looking for rooms and passage on a coach to the south.

One of the other chaps was in my line of work, if a bit more hoity-toity than me. He wasn't a bad chap, and we soon had an unspoken alliance. We paid for a room for the night with a couple other folk…

[WFRP 2e] Relics of Nehekhara Prologue

Erik Holt - Tomb Robber

My companions
Fyodor Gretchaninov - Human Badlander
Bungo Puddigirdle - Halfling Grave Robber
Lunn Ulterson - Dwarf Gaoler

(GM Setup)
Barak Varr, or Sea Gate, is the cosmopolitan home of the rare clans of Dwarves that make their home on the coast of the Black Gulf. Carved into the cliffs of the Varenka Hills above the Skull River delta basin, Barak Varr sees traffic from Tilea, Estalia, Araby, and many of the Border Princes themselves. It is home to an all ironclad navy; the only navy of Dwarven clans in all the Old World.

Barak Varr is a cliff side city. below the city walls extending to the river and harbor on the Black Gulf are the docks. Between the water and the city streets are catacombs. From the cliff side, drains dotting the city walls and cliffs. From the street, storm drains. And lastly just following the procession quietly until an opportunity opens to steal a ride in funerary coach.  Each of the four characters have reasons for being in Barak Varr:…

[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 65

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Assassin

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary/Champion Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer/??? Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician

(Previous Notes)

Maximillian convinced the party of its role to play in Padua in the future, as well as the urgency of getting back to the principality. Udrin opened a path between worlds to get the party home.

In the path, the party was attacked by shadow beasts. Vaervenshyael stumbled off the path while fighting a beast and was seen no more.

[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 64

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Assassin

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary/Champion Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer/??? Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician
Maximillian Morningglory - NPC Halfling Master of the Horse
Ludovic - NPC Prince of Padua upon Avon.
Udrin - NPC Elf Wizard Lord

(Previous Notes)

Storm clouds remained over the tower, with winds blowing to the west. Over the tower, a lance of light shot toward the sky. The earth shook.

Gertrude started a theology debate, regarding the role of magic and the gods.

As the party traveled the final yard to the tower, ruins sprang into fully formed streets around them. The tower looked rejuvenated. The ghost of the old city rose up around them and began to take on shape once again. There a fountain. Here a path lined with columns.

Maximilllian and Ludovic met the party at the tower entrance. The halfling explained everything, the background of Karitamen, the rise of…

Story Games vs Traditional RPGs

“Let’s make a story about how (this thing/event X) happened!”  This mindset takes for granted that event X actually occurs. In a traditional role playing game, there is no way of guaranteeing if event X ever happens unless you play it out. There needs to be a chance that event X doesn’t happen (probably because of bad decisions made by the party) in order to be playing an traditional RPG (or OSR RPG...I don’t really know the right term). If event X is definitely going to happen no matter what, you’re just telling a story with a foregone conclusion. Is that really fun? Is there agency? Is there drama or suspense? In my opinion, no. Nothing I do really matters. I play games to do things that fulfill a role and how the decisions made in that role have a my character’s life, to the party’s lives, to the world. If your game takes that away, I don’t want to play. I’ll get bored. Maybe I’ll become the antagonistic player who tries to juke when everyone wants to …

Thoughts on Volo's Guide to Monsters

I picked this up last month pretty much so I could get Amazon to ship me a DVD they considered an "add-on." I have heard some pretty good opinions of this product, so let's see! *Spoilers below*

Beholders There is more lore here than I have ever read, or imagined, on beholders. (Good choice by the powers-that-be on choosing a copyrighted creature to expand upon.) I can almost see them having the paranoid personality of the most successful Skaven, though a lot more intelligent! The info on lairs is excellent and fuels a lot of ideas, especially for dungeons.

Giants There is some information about the specific mindsets of each type of giant. Every little thing to distinguish the big bad guys is nice, but I didn’t find the chapter overly enthralling.

Gnolls Well, the background of these creatures has been amped up a bit. Constantly hungry demon spawn, I don’t see myself using these much. A warband every so often as a rarity is definitely more than enough. I do like the rand…