Friday, August 29, 2014

WFRP Dwimmermount Premise

Dwimmermount is located in a long-forgotten area of the Warhammer world. For all that, however, its name and reputation is known. For hundreds—maybe thousands—of years, Dwimmermount served as a fortress for a succession of empires. It fell two centuries ago, when a rebel uprising culminated in a mysterious cataclysm that sealed the dungeon off from the outside world.

When rumors trickled back to the Empire that the magically-sealed gates of Dwimmermount were now open, the Emperor wasted no time authorizing an expedition. It is understood that the dungeon contains riches, but more importantly it contains information about the Old Ones...and possibly the creation of the races.

Many ships full of supplies and crew set forth from the Sea of Claws to Lustria's Mangrove Coast. Those who were only good for, or interested only in, sailing remained on the coast creating a small settlement to watch over the ships. Hundreds more struck west, with nothing to look forward to but weeks of toiling through inimical jungle.

At length they came across the ruins of Oyxl. The pyramids were of great interest to the explorers, however from Oyxl they could see in the distance the Spine of Sotek. There in the mountain range was their ultimate goal. Promising to visit Oyxl later, the expedition leaders continued west.

Many days later, they hit the final obstacle: a river cascading down from the mountain. The expedition was able to build some make shift rafts and cross to the foot of Dwimmermount.

There, between the river and the mountain, the expedition set up base camp. Lots were cleared and temporary wooden shelters built. Foresters were sent back toward the ships to blaze the final trail between the coast and the mountain.

The base of Dwimmermount now has a small, semi-permanent town providing for all the supplies needed by the explorers of the mountain. Ships sail back and forth between Lustria and the Empire, bringing new supplies and new recruits.

These preparations have cost people dearly, and they are very anxious to send teams of investigators and archaeologists into Dwimmermount. However, first they must send in the mercenaries to make sure the place is safe for academic exploration.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Free Shadowrun Missions

This is a placeholder/personal reminder regarding the Catalyst Games 25 free Shadowrun missions.

Happy running!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Allyssa's Assassin

Any powerful and neutral (or evil) character in the Old World will likely have an assassin working for them. While Allyssa is capable of neutralizing her own enemies, her person is usually needed someone else. For this reason, she has an assassin in her employ.

While an elf would be the best for the job, Allyssa wanted someone a little less conspicuous. She chose a young human, saw to his upkeep and his training, and has him do her dirty work.

He's not normally found in her home in Hobbly, but stays at whatever larger city he is near when his job is done. Allyssa can communicate with him via her magic necklaces. She also sends messages via courier. At other times she may pay him a personal visit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Star Wars RPG 1

Our heroes find themselves on Centares, a planet being ecologically devastated by the Empire. They get caught in the crowd as a riot breaks out in front of the imperial governor's mansion. They were offered shelter and accepted it from a then unknown rebel operative named Beka Hath. Beka asked the group to deliver a holo- recording to one Zel Rider on Ord Mantell using a freighter docked in slot 39 at the local starport. Four Stormtroopers were eliminated on the way to the ship. The ship took flight and it's profile was scanned by a star destroyer before it departed Centares. Minor wounds were patched up in flight, and a helpful droid, R4-D9 was found on board.

Ord Mantell was a slightly less troublesome planet. A clandestine meeting with Zel Rider, another rebel operative yielded a reward of 3000 credits for the delivery of the holo-recording of the massacre at Centares. When it dawned upon our heroes that their identities were known to the empire and implicated them in the murder of at least two Stormtroopers, joining the rebellion offered safe harbor, so join they did. Safe harbor is now a secret rebel base inside an asteroid.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Warhammered Dwimmermount

I am finally, officially starting a Dwimmermount conversion to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Since I run 1/2 to 1 level a year at the local conventions, I'm in no hurry.

Right now I'm just converting some background: Starting Knowledge About Dwimmermount for the players. Also, I've placed it on the map of Lustria.

Starting Knowledge

What follows is a run-down of the knowledge that an adventurer might expect to know about Dwimmermount prior to exploring it. This information is shared by academics in the expedition on the way to the mountain.

  1. Dwimmermount is located deep in the interior of Lustria, east of the ruins of Oyxl, which is east of the Mangrove Coast.
  2. Dwimmermount was excavated from the tallest mountain in the southern Spine of Sotek and is reputed to have at least half a dozen levels, if not double that number.
  3. The dungeon was the site for the most important magical research of past eras, including investigations into time, space, and the Old Ones' creation of life.
  4. For hundreds—maybe thousands—of years, Dwimmermount served as a fortress for a succession of empires. It fell two centuries ago, when a rebel uprising culminated in a mysterious cataclysm that sealed the dungeon off from the outside world.
  5. Many merchants of the Empire and other Old World regions hope to enter the dungeon to get rich, others to find information about the Old Ones and the creation of the races.
  6. Within the last few years, rumors have begun to circulate in the Empire that the magical wards once sealing off Dwimmermount have fallen. Shadowy figures are reportedly going into, and coming out of, the mountain fortress.
  7. The PCs are part of an immense expedition, sponsored by the Emperor Karl Franz, which set out from Marienberg to claim Dwimmermount for the Empire. It is suspected that other countries are doing the same.
  8. Oyxl is of less import than Dwimmermount, and the emperor will not fund an expedition thereto. However, he has allowed others within the kingdom to send expeditions to the ruins.

Rumors are shared by others mercenaries hired to explore the mountain.

  1. None of the water in Dwimmermount is safe to drink.
  2. There are dwarves who entered recently and did not return. (Any dwarves in the party will not believe there are dwarves in Lustria.)
  3. Daemons and other servitors abound inside.
  4. There are machines inside that imbue bones with magical power.
  5. There is a gold mine inside.
  6. Never read anything written on the wall! It is likely a curse.
  7. Dwimmermount was sealed off from the outside world by dwarves, who still control the fortress from within (Any dwarves in the party will not believe there are dwarves in Lustria.)
  8. Beware the shades of the ancients, for they can consume the souls of the living!
  9. A dragon nests in Dwimmermount.
  10. Anyone who dies within the walls of Dwimmermount can never be restored to life by any means.
  11. Dwimmermount is suffused with raw magic, making spells more powerful when cast within.
  12. Lizardmen are building a new empire within the mountain.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Latest Advisary

I feel like making a vampire* my next long-term big, bad, evil guy (BBEG). I'd start out very slow (and sly), becoming a clever force to be reckoned with before the party ever finds out he (or she!) is a vampire.

This got me wondering, who is your favorite BBEG? Were they clever? Brutal? Friend turned enemy? Who is your favorite and why?

*Sorry I lost you there. Perhaps, with the plans I have it would be OK?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mini-Review: Suburbia

Suburbia was pitched to me as a board game version of SimCity. As such, I was not prepared for the game I ended up playing. I ended up being the most poor, least popular borough of town.

Each round you buy a hex to add on to your developing area. They are residential, commercial, industrial, or civic hexes. Each hex costs money, but it may give you reputation or income. Choosing the right hexes to get the optimum results can delay each turn, especially with 3 players who haven't played before.

The correlation to SimCity is a loose one. I spend many, many hours of my life playing different versions of that computer game. I can see myself getting interested in this game, knowing what the different upcoming hexes are and how they work together. However, I don't think this board game would ever replace my love for the computer game.