Monday, March 2, 2015

[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 4

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Protagonist

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Mercenary
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Engineer
Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Barber Surgeon

Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Prince of Padua-on-Avon
Maximillian Morningglory - Halfling Witch Hunter and Master of the Horse

(Previous Notes)

The surgeon continued his poultice-aided healing of Vaervenshyael's critical wound. She was almost back to normal after two days. Only a bruise and some sore muscles remained.

The group was summoned by an agitated Maxmillian, asking after "the mute" taken in the party's last encounter. Apparently our encounter crossed some political line of diplomatic immunity, though the people we killed and captured had killed a man in the town bar.

Maximillian and the surgeon went to question the mute...with help from the priest of Morr, if that indicates how they questioned a guy with no tongue. The rest of us when to Tankred's forge so he could look at the blade further. (Maximillian had identified it as gromril, star metal.)

Examination at the forge failed, so we went to the only person left to consult: the Verenan priest. He still insisted the item was magical, but Vaervenshyael wasn't convinced. She spit out a tirade against all the uneducated inhabitants of the backward town. She instead decided to visit a suspected hedge-wizard north of town.

At this time one of Tankred men arrived stating the antiquity hunters had left the town, crossing the river Avon to the north. The party saddled their horses and chased after the men, heading in the direction Vaervenshyael herself wished to go.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Inspiration: Blacksmith

Every town needs one.

"It's going to be a week before I can get to your armor. Farmer Dan's horse broke a shoe, and Paul's plowshare broke..."

Friday, February 27, 2015

Actual Fun or Expected Fun?

Gnome Stew posted an article about standing at the crossroads, wondering whether or not to take the adventure/campaign up a notch.

The question reminds me of various scenarios of inviting people over to play games. Everyone showed up under the expectation of playing, but we never actually got around to playing. Everyone was having so much fun chatting and catching up that gaming never even began. This has happened more than once.

Now, when (or if) the fun chatter stops, then start the game or next phase of the game. For certain, don't ruin anyone's improvised fun to get to your planned fun. Fun is fun, and whether we play or not, we are all going to look back a the good time we had.

This happens often in our games as well. Improvisation takes over, and fun is had by all. Don't stop actual fun for expected fun. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[D&D 2e] Eveningstar Campaign 19 - 20

Kryphon - Half Elf Rogue (Bounty Hunter)

My Companions
Kerun - Half Elf Berserker (twin brother to my character)
Gemmabink - Gnome Fighter
Leonardo - Human Summoner

Session 19 Mirtul 3rd (04/14/2008)

The party encountered a Deck of Chance. I don't know what the rest of the party did, but I have marked down that Kryphon was suddenly 52 gold, 180 platinum, 224 silver, and 199 copper richer.  Everything except the platinum was put into a chest Leonardo had (chest of holding?).

Session 20 Mirtul 3rd 04/21/2008)

Something happened to age (doppelganger) Kryphon 10 years. Then something else happened that gave Kryphon a wish. Doppelganger Kryphon wished to be whisked back to his doppelganger home with all the treasure he had accumulated. The party was caught completely off guard.

Here's what he made away with: 180 plantinum, 601 gold, a plain shield, a vial of perfume, 7 various gems worth 260 gold in total, a pewter beer stein worth 85 gold, a potion of substinanace, a small silver throwing dagger +1, a dagger of impaling, the eternity bow, as well as everything else listed on Kryphon's character sheet.

Monday, February 23, 2015

[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps Interlude 2

(Interludes are a place for me to note everything that happened in play-by-post between Hangout sessions.)

My character
Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Protagonist

My companions
Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Barber-Surgeon, ex-Student

(Previously in the adventure)

Wincing from the blow to her chest, Vaervenshyael is aided across the broad street to Johann's shingle and laid in a chair.

Vaervenshyael grimacing hard, raising her arms to aid the removal of her mail and loosens her jack. Mail rings, blasted from the shirt by the blow, have torn though the jack's leather and shirt below. A dark red stain of blood is evident.

Johann generously applies a stinking propriety blended poultice to wound. (Meta: Heals 5 Wounds.) He tells her it will be about five more days before she back to full health. He may be able to apply another poultice the following day to accelerate healing to two (2) days, but since she does not know what is in the poultice yet and Vaervenshyael may not want another application.

(Meta: There were some questions about modesty with another party member tending a wound on her torso, but I decided that as an elf Vaervenshyael is not constrained by humanity's ideas of modesty [plus, it's a doctor]. She learned a lot from her time with the wood elves. This "elves are not just humans with pointy ears" mindset is something I really want to explore while playing this particular character.)

As the doctor is patching her up, he'll notice some wood elf tribal tattoos on her shoulders [1] and on her side [2], stopping at the iliac crest.

She looked at her damaged shirt and asked, "Doctor, is the mail salvageable? It was slowing me down anyway. I don't know why I ever let that fanatical halfling talk me into wearing it in the first place."

"Is the mail salvageable? Hmm.... Perhaps. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...."

At this point Johann begins muttering to himself as he examines Vaervenshyael's wounds, becoming more and more frantic in his ramblings, until he shouts:

"Yes! I know! We shall graft the mail into your skin! No need to wait for your body to naturally heal when we can simply use the mail as replacement! Yes... then you shall be naturally resistant to incoming blows and sharp things! What say you?"

Before a reply can be uttered by Vaervenshyael, Johann begins talking excitedly,

"Of course, I know nothing of the process of grafting non-organic items onto organic beings, so we will have to perform some tests to see how the skin will take to the mail. Yes, yes, this could work! Now do lie down, we must begin quickly."

Johann looks at Vaervenshyael's hair and looks as if he wishes to say something, but he simply shakes his head muttering, "One project at a time, pace yourself!"

The elf is appalled. "Absolutely not. The poultice is more than sufficient. What exactly is in this...overly fragrant mixture, anyway?"

When she asked what is in the mixture, Johann pointedly did not answer her question. Strangely the noxious smell of the poultice never lessened and seemed to only intensified with time until it finally seemed to dissipate altogether.

He seemed rather put out by her refusal to allow him to augment her skin as well. That may have had something to do with his refusal to answer, though she couldn't be sure.

Johann did offer a bit of advice however: "Do not take a bath any time soon. The poultice reacts badly to water. Also do not drink milk, as you will most certainly break out in hives! Oh, and should you experience any stomach cramps, severe headaches, or nausea do not eat any raw fish! This only exacerbates the problem and will prolong the process. Otherwise you should be fine! Also, do come in for another application!"

[1] Similar to this:
[2] Similar to this ). The overall result would be kind of like this but much less:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Inspiration: Old Great One

It's always risky, carrying the Old, Great One from one ziggurat to another, but the skinks remained wary at all times...

Friday, February 20, 2015

Remembering Rounds and Segments

Some talk lately about keeping track of the passage of time in games reminded me of a simple thing we did during battles while playing D&D 2e in the 90s. Rounds 1-10 were written on one line of squares on the wet-erase battle mat, and segments 1-20 were written on the line underneath. We'd just use a dice to mark our place on each line. After turn 10 we'd get fatigued. Luckily fights didn't normally last that long. Any initiative after segment 20 all went off at the same time.

I've tried to use similar timekeeping strategies since then. I've had little picture representations of the characters to put on the segment numbers representing their initiative for the round. That took a little more time to swap around each round, but the pictures were cool. In all, however, nothing beat our original strategy. The player just had to keep track of the current segment and when they were going next, which kept them paying attention to the game.