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[D&D 2e] The Lost Mine of Phandelver 6 *SPOILERS*

Mist: Human Shadow Walker (Mage/Thief)
Jairus: Elven Mage/Thief
Kell: Human Ravager (Barbarian)
Sanaka: Human Windwalker (Priest)
Gunel: Human Fighter/Gladiator

(Previous notes)

Finishing the Caves

The party left off in a starry cavern with two rooms worked into the eastern side. One was on the level where they entered, and the other room was down a flight of stairs worked into an escarpment. They tried a door to the room near where they entered and ended up having a tea party with a slightly mad Beholder-kin.

They left this room, headed down the stairs, and explored the room at the bottom. The door was cracked open, it's hinges melted. It took a couple of the stronger members of the party to pull the doors open. From the doorway, a scorched iron chest caught the party's eye at the foot of an old bed.

The moment someone stepped into the room, a ghostly form rose up from the floor. "Your presence is offensive to me, your life forfeit. My treasures are mine alone, not yours to plunder," it said in gravelly tones. The character backed out of the room. The priest came up with a plan.

"This actually should be pretty easy..."

Sanaka cast Protection from Evil and sent Gunel and Mist in to attack the ethereal creature on consecutive turns. He knew enough about undead to know that this creature could only be hit with magical weapons, but he was unable to turn the spirit. Luckily, Gunel and Mist had placed their weapons on the Forge of Spells shortly before coming to this room.

Sanaka had failed to remember the fine print on his protection spell. The moment he or Gunel attacked the spirit, the spell ended. Poor Gunel found out that the spell ended the hard way: she was hit by the creature and had a level of experience drained. Just like that she went from 3rd back to 2nd level. Luckily the character was really notice (INT 3). Sanaka noticed, though, and started thinking of ways to make it up to the poor gladiator after the creature was killed.

The iron chest had a few hundred gold worth of coins, gems, and a carved wooden pipe. It hardly seemed worth losing a level of experience over, but you never know that until after you try.

From the starry cavern, the party headed south. Mist, the Shadow Walker, scouted ahead and found a room full of weird fungi, including puffballs, shelf fugus, and large stalks and caps. Some of the puffballs glowed with green phosphorescence. Sanaka, the Windwalker, took no more chances. He send a Dust Devil through the room to the corridor on the other side. The spell set off the fungi, and spores exploded throughout the room. Sanaka then cast Gust of Wind to push the spores ahead of the party as they cautiously continued. The barbarian took no chances with the spores. She decided to place her loincloth over her face to keep the spores out. In the end, the room that had halted the Black Spider's eastern explorations was contained with a couple wind spells.

The party's explorations had taken them back to the entrance of the mines, and they exited the caves to find Droop, their sycophantic goblin, trying to talk to the horses as Sanaka had done before the party entered the caves.

Back to Phandalin

The party quickly wrapped up a few loose ends in Phandalin. They were fed up with the townmaster's cowardice and ousted him from his position. At one point the townmaster was dumbfounded, "You're threatening my body?"

The priest replied, "I can threaten your soul..."

Townmaster Harbin was returned to his banking duties only. Sildar Hallwinter was set up as the townmaster, with the party's full support.

Ties were renewed with Linene at the Lionshield Coster. Supplies were requested and paid for at Barthen's Provisions. In the end, the party figured it would be just as expedient to head to Neverwinter themselves for the majority of the supplies they needed to settle in to the old Redbrand Hideout.


The first stop was a shop to identify their new magical items. The shopkeeper used a large libram, which sat on a large pallet that hung from the ceiling via chains on the four corners, to identify the items. They found out that the items that were imbued on the Forge of Spells were no longer magical. The shop owner ended up trading his identification services for one of the looted spellbooks the party was carrying.

In another magical shop, the party traded the Glasstaff for some low-level magic weapons...for next time they meet a creature that can only be hit by magical weapons.

Finally, the party asked around for a temple most likely to help a wounded person. They were directed to the temple of Ilmater. There they had to agree to go on a Quest for the church in order to afford the cost of having Gunel's level replaced. They readily agreed (guilt will do that to you). The party was told to arrive at the temple the next day for Quest assignment. The party had one more stop they wanted to make before showing up at the church the next day.

Ruins of Thundertree

The party searched through the ruined buildings of Thundertree, looking for clues to the whereabouts of the old herbalist's shop so they could find Mirna's missing heirloom. A few houses in, they encountered a priest of Eldath named Grog (this is a backup PC). Grog warned the party of giant spiders, strange men in capes and spiny helmets, and a green dragon all currently living in the ruins of the town. He also told them which building was the old herbalist shop. Grog then continued his travels and headed south.

The party decided to stay as far away from the lair of the dragon, a tower on the top of the hill, and skirted south behind a ruined store. They had to cut through giant spider webs, and kill the spiders which came scuttling out from the store. They found the herbalist shop, searched until they found the hidden heirloom, and returned to Neverwinter post-haste. They never laid eyes on the dragon, and they all seemed happy.

Thus ends the official adventure The Lost Mine of Phandelver. We shall continue with the Quest laid upon the party. They shall have to brave AD&D module I2: The Tomb of the Lizard King.

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[D&D 2e] The Lost Mine of Phandelver 5 *SPOILERS*

Mist: Human Shadow Walker (Mage/Thief)
Jairus: Elven Mage/Thief
Kell: Human Ravager (Barbarian)
Sanaka: Human Windwalker (Priest)
Gunel: Human Fighter/Gladiator

(Previous notes)

Printed Intro

Fifteen miles east of Phandalin, in the deep vales of the Sword Mountains, lies Wave Echo Cave. The rich mine of the Phandelver's Pact was lost five hundred years ago during orc invasions that devastated this part of the North.

In the centuries since, countless prospectors and adventurers have searched for the lost mine, but none succeeded until the Rockseeker brothers found the entrance a month ago. Unfortunately, the Rockseekers did not realize they were being trailed by spies working for Nezznar, the Black Spider, and they inadvertently led the drow villain to their prize. Nezznar and his followers dealt with the two Rockseekers who were guarding their find, then arranged for Gundren's ambush. Learning of the adventurers' involvement with Gundren and their exploits around Phandalin, the Black Spider has given orders for characters to be dealt with. Meanwhile, Nezznar has begun his exploration of Wave Echo Cave.

The drow is searching for the Forge of Spells, where the human mages of old Phandalin enchanged dwarven weapons and gnome gadgets. However, Nezznar's exploration has been hindered by the restless undead and dangerous monsters that lurk in Wave Echo Cave, forcing him to proceed with great caution.

Enter the Party

 Outside the entrance, the party found a large cart and a couple draft horses. Sanaka cast Speak with Animals to question the horses. The horses essentially described hobgoblins delivering delving equipment. They also said they'd be perfectly happy leaving with the party whey they left, instead of waiting for the hobgoblins to come back out.

The cave entrance was a long tunnel into a mountain that opened up into a cave. In the cave were four hobgoblins arranging equipment to shortly be lowered into a fissure in the back of the cave. The party fought through the four hobgoblins to find the dead body of Tharden Rockseeker, dead for at least a week. Gundren's other brother, Nundro, was nowhere to be found.

The party noticed two passageways at the bottom of the fissure, one to the east and one to the northwest. They had to fight three spear-throwing troglodytes whose chameleon-like abilities had kept them hidden up to this point. Sanaka quickly negated the spears by putting up a Windwall.

After some scouting to the east by a Spider Climbing Mist, the party took the northwest passageway, the one more obviously used. Their exploration was almost immediately stopped by bugbears guarding the tunnels. The party members who had first entered the tunnel were a bit overwhelmed by the bugbears until Jairus threw up a Globe of Darkness. The party then retreated from the passageway to regroup. The bugbears evidently had the same idea, as they were gone when Jairus dispelled the darkness.

The Battle at the Pool

Four bugbears had regrouped in a cavern with a dark pool. They lined up in front of the room's openings, making the party attack them one or two at a time. Mist foiled this scheme with more Spider Climbing up and over the bugbears' heads. Unfortunately, as she was descending on the rear of the bugbears' position, two troglodytes burst out of the dark pool and threw spears.

In the end, the party won the battle, at the cost of spells and their own blood spilled on the cavern floor. The dark pool was plumbed, finding two platinum rings and a wand still held in the hand of a skeleton. The party decided to retreat with the find to the cave entrance to rest and recuperate. 

The Battle in the Temple

There was minimal resistance when the party marched past the dark pool cavern. Jairus chased one bugbear until he threw enough daggers into it to kill it. The party scouts followed the main trail in the other direction to a set of large double doors. 

The doors opened into a large temple with pillars lining the hall. At the north end was a huge statue of a dwarf. In front of the statue was a camp of sorts. The party was soon joined in battle with 3 bugbears, 4 giant spiders, 2 dopplegangers (one originally in the shape of the missing Nundro), and the Black Spider himself.  Weapons rang, spells flew, and the Black Spider was the only enemy to leave the temple alive. Kell, the barbarian, chased Nezznar to the east, where he jumped in a stream at the bottom of a giant fissure and got away.

Exploring the Caves

The party regrouped in the temple, with the barbarian explaining how the Black Spider got away. There was little to do but patch wounds and carry one. They still needed to find Gundrin's brother Nundro and find out about this "Forge of Spells." They headed east to a door the barbarian had passed in her chase. On the other side of the door were quarters containing a "badly disheveled dwarf." Here was Nundro.

The party passed through a collapsed cavern next, at the bottom of which was the stream that allowed the Black Spider his escape. There was a worked hallway on the southern side of the east wall and an unworked tunnel on the northern side. They chose the worked hallway first.

The Shadow Walker explored the hallway and entered a large smelter cavern. She quickly made note of the corpses in the room and the floating green-flamed skull hovering over them. When she reported back to the party, they decided to try the unworked tunnel to the north instead.

The tunnel was a short, narrow, dried up old streambed. They had to crawl through at points, but nothing took advantage of them while they were prone.

The streambed led to a booming cavern with a narrow ledge overlooking a vast expanse of water. The sound of Wave Echo Cave is made by surges of water funneling into this cavern and slamming against the wall below the ledge. At first, the party thought of exploring the body of water, but some quick observations noted that it likely extended far beyond their ability to explore. It was a wide-open expanse of water, but it was essentially a dead-end.

There were two passages leading out of the cavern on the southern end of the room. One led back to the room with the green-flamed skull. They decided to continue to avoid this room if at all possible. The other path led to a starry cavern with two rooms worked into the eastern side. One was on the level where they entered, and the other room was down a flight of stairs worked into an escarpment. They tried a door to the room near where they entered.

"Hello," said a think, burbling voice in their heads. "Would you like some tea?" The speaker was a Beholder, specifically a Spectator. The more knowledgeable in the party were scared stiff. Luckily, the Spectator was a bit insane, fully in denial, and long as the party didn't try to take any of the items it was charged to guard.

The Spectator told them it was guarding some things, and that it's master should be back any time. In reality, the master had been dead for hundreds of years. The party wasn't quite sure about that party, but they figured out after talking to the creature for a while that it didn't have a perfect grasp on reality. 

They talked, and it told them they were carrying some magic items, though it couldn't identify what they were. It told them how to use the Forge of Spells, which was located in this room. The party laid some weapons and shields down on the forge long enough for them to become charged with magical energies (which would come in handy during the next sitting). The party left on good terms with the Spectator, leaving alone the items it was charged to guard. They promised to stop in for tea again next time they were in the area.

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Ramifications of Phandelver [SPOILERS]

I just finished running the Lost Mine of Phandelver for my D&D [2e] group. There were a couple little bits they chose to skip, like the dragon, the cult, and the orcs, after making informed decisions and prioritization. What surprised me, however, with the published adventure is the setup for further machinations and how long the party can adventure using this basic setup as the basis. Here are a few things that have been set up between them and me:

Relationship with the Dwarves. 

The party did their part. They helped Gundrin Rockseeker find the lost mine and free his brother. For this, Gundren promised them "10 percent share of the mine's wealth once his operation there is up and running." I started looking at this from the point of view of a greedy dwarf (isn't that how we're told dwarves are?). Four out of the five party members are human. In my game, the Black Spider got away from the party after his troops were cut down. Gundrin is going to go after the Black Spider to get revenge for his dead brother. If that takes a long time, who cares? Dwarves are long lived. The longer it takes Gundrin to get the mine up and running, the more likely the party members will be dead (at least the humans) and the less he has to pay them out of his wealth.

Relationship with the Townmaster

It didn't take much for the party to realize the townmaster of Phandalin was a worthless, cowardly banker who wasn't fit to run the town. When they returned from the mine, they ran him out of office and backed Sildar Hallwinter for townmaster. In my mind, that makes a man bitter. Where can a bitter ex-townmaster turn for help? Well, Halia Thornton runs the Miner's Exchange, has been "working slowly to bring Phandalin under her control" since before the party arrived, and, oh, by the way, is an agent of the Zhentarim. These two will be up to no good while the party is away [see Quest below].

Relationships with Linene, Daran, and Sister Garaele

The party forged a great relationship with Linene from the Lionshield Coster. They also made nice with Daran Edermath, to the point where he invited one of the party members to join the Order of the Gauntlet. Finally, the priestess at the Shrine of Luck, Sister Garaele, asked the party cleric to join the Harpers.

Relationships at the Redbrand Hideout

Midway through the adventure, the party cleared out the Redbrand hideout after a showdown with Glasstaff and his cronies on the edge of town. They had saved Mirna and her children from the Redbrand holding cell. They then traveled to Thundertree and retrieved her family heirloom, giving it back to her instead of keeping it for freeing her from captivity. She is in the party's debt, without work, and without her husband (who the Redbrands killed before the party arrived in Phandalin). The party has asked her to start settling the ex-Redbrand hideout on their behalf. They hope to use it for their base of operations when returning to town.


The party will be away from Phandalin for a while. They may never come back, actually. One of the party lost a level to the wraith in the mine. After finishing the adventure, the party traveled to Neverwinter to petition a church to Restore the drained level. What would make a high level priest willing to cast Restore and give up a couple years of his life? A quest on behalf of the church, naturally. and not a simple one either. Enter the Tomb of the Lizard King. May the gods of Faerun have mercy on the party members' souls.

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[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 31

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Duellist

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician

(Previous Notes)

From the graves on the beach, covered in capes of the knights of Sulzerberg, Vaervenshyael found day-old tracks to the only door on the beach. The door was finely carved with bas-relief and bound with iron banding, still not rusty in the underground humidity.

The door opened into a room, painted with pristine murals. Tankred warned the rest of the party not to look at the walls, which encouraged the doctor to immediately enter and look at the walls. Vaervenshyael kept her eye down after some of the previous walls she had seen while tracking Abdul Al-Shar. The doctor described a bearded man painted in multitudinous scenes of debauchery.

South out of the room was a hallway. The painting started down the hallway and abruptly ended where a bucket of paint was spilled on the floor. This was ignored to continue the search.

The hallway ended in a set of jail bars that spanned the floor to ceiling. There was a lock, which looked like it could be easily knocked off the doorway. A skeletal figure appeared from the other side of the bars and asked if we were friend or foe. We had no good answer. The figure asked if we knew the passphrase to be allowed into the room. Again, we had no good answer, and the creature floated out of our sight.

Vaervenshyael picked the lock to the door. She entered the multi-pillared room and drew her pistol. She positioned herself with a pillar on her left and a clear shot straight ahead. The creature floated into the party's vision.

"Ludwig Sulzer, apprentice to Toccio Zarretti, please allow us to pass." Vaervenshyael had been taking etiquette lessons from the doctor. The creature charged. She shot it in the arm, leaving barely a mark. The creature swung, and Vaervenshyael dodged a blow that looked like it would have sliced her in two. Tankred charged and hacked at the creature, with little effect.

Wilhelm shot the creature with his pistol from just to the right of Tankred. A gaping hole appeared in the creature's chest, and it slumped against the pillar before sliding to the floor. [Ulric's Fury!]

A hallway beyond the sentry room held four pillars of the bearded Abdul. The second statue was missing its head. The third was completely unclothed. The fourth had the sheikh with some kind of winged woman, different from the harpies the party had seen earlier on the island outside.

Beyond the statues, the hallway turned, and opened up. Tankred and Wilhelm walked onto a section of the floor which rotated and dropped them into a spiked pit trap.

Past the pit trap, the party entered another larger room with statues and a rusty smell, the first rust the party had smelled underground so far. There were more debauched murals. Also, to Tankred's surprise when he entered the room, the floor seemed to be covered in blood.

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[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 30

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Duellist

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician

(Previous Notes)

Vaervenshyael mentioned assassinating the female knights before leaving, so they don't get in the way. If she is able to convince the group not to leave Sulzerberg the next day, she is going to start tracking the knights' patterns during the day, and especially sleeping patterns.

"Other than Rosehilda's headstart, I do not see any reason for us to rush out of this town. Tankred is wounded and nursing stitches. Wilhelm needs time to...feel better after his recent intoxication. I suggest we wait a few days, maybe a week, until after Tankred's stitches are removed. What think you all?"

Tankred:  "We won't need a week. 3 days at most for me to be fit."

Johann: "I should like to do this. It will be lovely to spend some time here in this town. The local authority seems to be quite welcoming of us! Yes, some extra time is not at all unwelcome or inappropriate."

Vaervenshyael: "We could collect a lot of info about our destination in three days."

Vaervenshyael asked around town about procuring some poison. The last shopkeeper she asked drove her out of his establishment and threatened to report her to the authorities if he ever saw her around town. She went back to wearing her hood up after that.

Tankred healed, and the party headed north. They arrived at the lake, approximately 3-4 days behind Rosehilda's crew, according to a campsite they found. There was an island in the middle of the lake, as advertised, but no way for the party to reach it.

Tankred swam to the island and found some rowboats hidden offshore. He absconded with one and rowed back to the party.

On the island, the party followed an overgrown stone path to an old rock foundation covered in vines. There was an opening in the foundation.

Vaervenshyael led the way into the opening. She entered a chamber with columns around the edge and a shaft in the middle. Two heavy ropes were tied from columns and trailed down the shaft. She took Tankred's lantern and slid down a rope.

At the bottom of the shaft was a large room with an alcove straight ahead. In the alcove was a sarcophagus. When Johann arrived, he translated the script to identify the sarcophagus as the resting place of Abdul Al-Shar.

Columns lined the room, arcing around the southern wall and trailing north into corridors on both sides of the alcove. The party chose the eastern corridor and followed it to large wooden double doors. The metal parts of the door had rusted with the ambient dampness underground.

Inside the door was a faultlessly carved room with painted scenes on polished stone depicting events of a great leader's life. The paint was intact. While Vaervenshyael carefully checked the painting of a pillar, Wilhelm found a carved relief hiding a secret door.

The secret door led to a beautiful domed cave. One side of the cave was open to beach abutting a river. The river flowed west to east. Toward the west, the party could hear the hiss of a waterfall. On the beach were two rowboats, tied to stone moorings. Johann could tell the moorings had magical writing, but nobody could make out quite what the symbols meant.

Wilhelm fearlessly entered a boat to see where the current would take him. Unwilling to let the pistoleer die alone, the rest of the party jumped in.

The current carried the party down the underground river to a sizable underground lake. In the middle of the lake was an island. The island had three stone statues of naked women with bird wings. Vaervenshyael hopped out of the boat to moor it to the island. She then turned toward the center of the island to inspect the statues.

Johann's warning came too late. Vaervenshyael had crossed a magical circle surrounding the inside of the island. Dust fell off the statues, and three harpies came to life to attack the party.

Vaervenshyael made quick work of one of the harpies with her rapier. Wilhelm blasted another with his firearms. Tankred eventually took down the third, and the party had more time to check the island out properly.

If there had been anything of value on the island, it had already been taken by the group that arrived before the party. There was human blood dried onto the island, and not a little of it. The party searched the sides of the large cavern and found another beach to the southwest. They hopped in the rowboat, fought the current, and arrived to hook up to more moorings on the beach.

They found two large mounds, covered in cloaks looking to belong to knights from Sulzerberg. They also found a door, leading west into the cavern.

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[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 29

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Duellist

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician

(Previous Notes)

They have led Tankred into the Prince's White Moon for a bit of field surgery. Vaervenshyael sneaks in while they are distracted, closes herself in a privacy cubby, and sets her finds out before her.

The smaller rectangular object is covered by multiple layers of old oil cloth. The oil treatments have long faded, and she has to peel the cloths away gently. Inside are a number of journals banded together.

Flipping through the journals, she finds notes written in an older form of Reikspiel. She also notices a crude drawing of the pillar, before it broke and was repaired with the metal poles. The journals apparently belonged to one Ludwig Stolzer, probably an earlier form of the name Sulzer. There were notes about him training under an Estelian wizard named Toccio Zaretti.

Zaretti and Stolzer mentioned using a ritual to move large armies of men many miles unnoticed. They would enter castles to steal items to finance their explorations.

After a while, the journals described Stolzer calling Zaretti a "greedy Estelian" and then having to kill Toccio "for the love of Abdul and his reign."

The map case held a set of maps detailing some underground caverns or fortifications. There are notes on the maps in the same aged dialect as the journals. These maps show underground rivers, underground lakes, and islands. They may correspond with the stories the party had heard about where the pillar originated.

Vaervenshyael wrapped up her find and ducked out the back door of the Moon. She secured the items in her room at the Drunken Donkey, hoping one of the mercenaries would soon arrive to guard it. She returned to the Moon to see if her assistance was needed with Tankred.

The entire party returned to the Donkey and secured themselves in their room. Wilhelm slept off a prodigious night's drinking. The rest of the party examined the journals and maps more closely for further clues.

All signs pointed to the island in the middle of a lake to the north. The only things that might be standing in the way were an army of greenskins, orcs, and Rosehilda's own personal expedition.

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[WFRP 2e] Princeps Interlude 28.5

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Duellist

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician

(Previous Notes)

GM: Each of you feel a chill from the west blow though the common. Tankred groans slightly as his muscles ache; Willhelm blinks as his eyes blur; Vaervanshyael grows nauseous; Johann presses his temples as a headache rises.

As quick as the feelings came, they disappear with on the chill breeze.

Then there's a loud snap and pop.

Johann looks in the direction of the sound.

Tankred's hand moves deliberately towards his sword and he begins to worry about his brother back at the Drunken Donkey. This talk of chaos moons and raising dead kings is putting him on edge. 

GM:  Johann looks up and for that instant, Johann sees the iron runners that hold the pillar, where it had once split, buckle and the rivet pop, but then grit falls into his eyes. Johann's eyes water and the grit is scratching.

The two "cavaliers" of Rosehilda react differently. One screams, "I can't see!" and starts coughing and spitting. The other grabs Wilhelm by his collar and starts a move away from the bill wall.

Tankred shouts "Move!" and goes to pull Johann and the other cavalier away from the pillar.

Wilhelm locks up, unsure of which way to run.

GM: There is a loud crash as the fence is crushed by the falling pillar. Then a reverberation in your feet. A shout cut short and a deep groan.

Then quiet for a long moment. Then a horse neighing somewhere on the common and a woman screams.

Tankred looks down and sees a large wooden splinter protruding mid torso. Right through the mail and leather. Blood. It's going to hurt.

Tankred grits his teeth and steels himself. Did the others make it? Did the doctor get clear? "Leech, I need you."

Vaervenshyael draws her weapons (only a dagger and main gauche on her), preparing in case this is the start of an attack. As (if) the dust settles and nobody attacks, she is prepared to lend first aid or assist the doctor in doing so.

Then a new idea flashes through Vaervenshyael's mind[1]. She turns to see the Doktor rushing to Tankred's aid. She turns in the other direction to see that the tower is now laying on its side, having crashed through the gate. In the mayhem, she rushes to the top of the tower[2] where the cow motif is carved, searching for the next talisman[3].

Relevant Skills/Talents:
[1] Coolheaded (trying to make the most of this opportunity)
[2] Concealment, Silent Move, Alley Cat (getting to the top of the tower without attracting undue notice)
[3] Perception, Excellent Vision, Night Vision, Search, Trapfinder (searching for the likely location of the next item in this light, event)

Johann: "Oh my, Tankred. That looks painful!" The doctor goes to Tankred's side and begins helping him up and over to a place that he can work on the wound. He asks the knights, "Is there a place where I can rest my friend and tend to his wound?"

GM: Varvenshayael kneels in front of the fallen pillar. 

On the ground, the size and weight of the pillar is punctuated by the splinter in Tankred's ribs.

Imerltrud, a "knight" with twice the muscle mass as Johann, immediately comes to Johann's side. Gertie, Imerltrud's "wing girl," looks to Wilhelm and points to a building: two stories and clearly a tavern and hostel. "The common room there in the Prince's White Moon. We can treat him there."

Wilhelm: "He's a giant! I'm not strong enough to carry him. Although... there may be something in there I could use..."

Tankred: "I'm not dying, and I don't need to be carried," gasps Tankred, gritting his teeth through the pain. "I just need this thing out, and a drink, I need a drink."

Johann: "No no no my stout friend, that rather large splinter must stay in your side for the time being. Removing it just this moment will exacerbate the wound."  Johann does not remove his support, and continues in the direction of the tavern.

Vervenshyael kneels at the top of the massive pillar. The shattered menagerie of cattle litters the ground. The top of the pillar has cracked open revealing a deep hollow space.

Varvenshyael reaches in and pulls out a square-ish object that is wrapped in a thick cloth that at first might be oil cloth but with age has lost whatever finish it once had. A longer object is also in the space.

She tucks the cloth with its contents deep within her leathers. Then she explores the longer object, breaking pieces off to get inside, if need be. She finds a map case.