Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Star Wars RPG 1

Our heroes find themselves on Centares, a planet being ecologically devastated by the Empire. They get caught in the crowd as a riot breaks out in front of the imperial governor's mansion. They were offered shelter and accepted it from a then unknown rebel operative named Beka Hath. Beka asked the group to deliver a holo- recording to one Zel Rider on Ord Mantell using a freighter docked in slot 39 at the local starport. Four Stormtroopers were eliminated on the way to the ship. The ship took flight and it's profile was scanned by a star destroyer before it departed Centares. Minor wounds were patched up in flight, and a helpful droid, R4-D9 was found on board.

Ord Mantell was a slightly less troublesome planet. A clandestine meeting with Zel Rider, another rebel operative yielded a reward of 3000 credits for the delivery of the holo-recording of the massacre at Centares. When it dawned upon our heroes that their identities were known to the empire and implicated them in the murder of at least two Stormtroopers, joining the rebellion offered safe harbor, so join they did. Safe harbor is now a secret rebel base inside an asteroid.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Warhammered Dwimmermount

I am finally, officially starting a Dwimmermount conversion to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Since I run 1/2 to 1 level a year at the local conventions, I'm in no hurry.

Right now I'm just converting some background: Starting Knowledge About Dwimmermount for the players. Also, I've placed it on the map of Lustria.

Starting Knowledge

What follows is a run-down of the knowledge that an adventurer might expect to know about Dwimmermount prior to exploring it. This information is shared by academics in the expedition on the way to the mountain.

  1. Dwimmermount is located deep in the interior of Lustria, east of the ruins of Oyxl, which is east of the Mangrove Coast.
  2. Dwimmermount was excavated from the tallest mountain in the southern Spine of Sotek and is reputed to have at least half a dozen levels, if not double that number.
  3. The dungeon was the site for the most important magical research of past eras, including investigations into time, space, and the Old Ones' creation of life.
  4. For hundreds—maybe thousands—of years, Dwimmermount served as a fortress for a succession of empires. It fell two centuries ago, when a rebel uprising culminated in a mysterious cataclysm that sealed the dungeon off from the outside world.
  5. Many merchants of the Empire and other Old World regions hope to enter the dungeon to get rich, others to find information about the Old Ones and the creation of the races.
  6. Within the last few years, rumors have begun to circulate in the Empire that the magical wards once sealing off Dwimmermount have fallen. Shadowy figures are reportedly going into, and coming out of, the mountain fortress.
  7. The PCs are part of an immense expedition, sponsored by the Emperor Karl Franz, which set out from Marienberg to claim Dwimmermount for the Empire. It is suspected that other countries are doing the same.
  8. Oyxl is of less import than Dwimmermount, and the emperor will not fund an expedition thereto. However, he has allowed others within the kingdom to send expeditions to the ruins.

Rumors are shared by others mercenaries hired to explore the mountain.

  1. None of the water in Dwimmermount is safe to drink.
  2. There are dwarves who entered recently and did not return. (Any dwarves in the party will not believe there are dwarves in Lustria.)
  3. Daemons and other servitors abound inside.
  4. There are machines inside that imbue bones with magical power.
  5. There is a gold mine inside.
  6. Never read anything written on the wall! It is likely a curse.
  7. Dwimmermount was sealed off from the outside world by dwarves, who still control the fortress from within (Any dwarves in the party will not believe there are dwarves in Lustria.)
  8. Beware the shades of the ancients, for they can consume the souls of the living!
  9. A dragon nests in Dwimmermount.
  10. Anyone who dies within the walls of Dwimmermount can never be restored to life by any means.
  11. Dwimmermount is suffused with raw magic, making spells more powerful when cast within.
  12. Lizardmen are building a new empire within the mountain.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Latest Advisary

I feel like making a vampire* my next long-term big, bad, evil guy (BBEG). I'd start out very slow (and sly), becoming a clever force to be reckoned with before the party ever finds out he (or she!) is a vampire.

This got me wondering, who is your favorite BBEG? Were they clever? Brutal? Friend turned enemy? Who is your favorite and why?

*Sorry I lost you there. Perhaps, with the plans I have it would be OK?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mini-Review: Suburbia

Suburbia was pitched to me as a board game version of SimCity. As such, I was not prepared for the game I ended up playing. I ended up being the most poor, least popular borough of town.

Each round you buy a hex to add on to your developing area. They are residential, commercial, industrial, or civic hexes. Each hex costs money, but it may give you reputation or income. Choosing the right hexes to get the optimum results can delay each turn, especially with 3 players who haven't played before.

The correlation to SimCity is a loose one. I spend many, many hours of my life playing different versions of that computer game. I can see myself getting interested in this game, knowing what the different upcoming hexes are and how they work together. However, I don't think this board game would ever replace my love for the computer game.

Monday, August 11, 2014

[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 38

Maximillian Morningglory, Halfling Vampire Hunter
Magnus the Pony

My companions
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer
Durak Braksson - Dwarf

Tegort - Ogre bodyguard
Sir Ortolf Eiche ("Ike") - Magister and Wizard Lord of the Azyr Wind
Abelhardt Mullberger - Journeyman Apprentice
Oswin Pellensteiner - Conscripted Boatman
The Bianca - Ludovic's river barge.

(Previous update)

"Udrin, don't you think we should call Ike out on his warpstone use? I mean...that's kind of a chaos-lover thing to do, and I'm opposed to such horrific people. I'd feel perfectly fine walking up to him and demanding his surrender. Well...with Tegort...and you...and maybe Ludovic. Do you think we could get Durak to come with us? What about the town watch?"

Durak agreed that warpstone should not be played with and that we should confront the Magister before it spreads. However, Udrin was only concerned about Ike's usefulness to the party. As the part still had need of the Wizard Lord, Udrin wished to delay confrontation.

A short while later, Durak returned from above deck to mention to Maximillian and Udrin that Oswin was limping and it was due to one of his feet being a cloven hoof. As the dwarf and the elf discuss this issue, Maximillian headed off to get his repeating crossbow. He would not suffer a mutant to live on the boat!

The elf and the dwarf paid no heed as Maximillian walked by them, armed, and up to the main deck. He pointed the cross bow at Oswin and demanded to see the affected extremity. Ludovic, who was already talking to Oswin, took a step to the side. 

Oswin retreated, jibbering cowardly, and Ludovic tried to diffuse the situation with calming words. Maximillian warned Oswin that retreating was proof of guilt, and shot the sailor in the arm. 

The elf and the dwarf arrived on deck at that moment, and Udrin began casting a spell. Ludovic continued to try to talk Maximillian down, as Oswin cowered near the rail. 

Udrin walked up to Oswin and touched him. The boatman fell unconscious, the crossbow bolt slipping out of his arm. Udrin revealed the foot in question to be fully normal. Maximillian retreated to the galley, contemplating the horrendous turn of events aboard the Bianca.

That night, Maximillian was beset by nightmares. He tossed and turned, sweat rolling off his diminutive frame. 

Creatures of grotesque composition burst into the Morningglory homestead while the family was seated around the dinner table. Shambling monstrosities overran the room, destroying anything in their path. A lamp fell to the floor and lit the curtain. Father jumped onto the table and slammed his dinner plate aside a creature's head. The wall was on fire. The children scattered. Flames licked the ceiling. Mother exited the kitchen, butcher knife in hand. Smoke billowed, choking the fearful halflings. An inhuman beast grabbed father's head in one hand. A wall of fire obscured the entire view of the dream

Maximillian awoke, famished by the energy lost tossing and turning throughout the night. Tegort and the rest would be hungry, too. He wondered if mutating and returning to normal gave Oswin an appetite....

While Maximillian was cooking breakfast, Udrin packed his belongings for their long overland journey. The remainder of the crew was above deck, securing the barge for a prolonged berth. Maximillian was chopping leeks into scrambled eggs when the vision hit him.

The Magister's cabin glowed an eerie green light. The cabin door cracked open and a two-tailed rat ran out. The door opened fully and there stood Oswin, his right arm a tentacle large enough to wrap around a halfling's head. The tentacle popped open a jug of whiskey, and Oswin upended the bottle in his mouth. The liquid filled his mouth and overflowed onto the bed and the floor. He swallowed and looked at the halfling. 'Just looking for some spirits, master Maximillian.' The boatman walked out, and suddenly Maximillian was looking at Sir Eiche. The Magister sniffed green powder into his nose. 'I see your past, halfling. I see your family...burning!' Sparks shot from the top of his staff. The room went up in flames.

Maximillian came to on the hallway floor outside the Magister's cabin. As the vision faded, a voice echoed in his head, "My sister doesn't forget." Smoke seeped out from under the cabin door.

Maximillian ran to his quarters, grabbed his belongings, and headed up the stairs. Everyone but Udrin was above deck. "Fire! Fire! The Magister's room is on fire!" Ludovic and Durak rushed past the halfling and down the stairs. Maximillian turned to Tegort. "I guess you better help put it out." He then walked past Oswin to bring his belongings to safety. "See what your actions have brought to us, boatman. If this is the cleansing fire of Sigmar, we may not be able to stop it."

Maximillian filled a small bucket, while Tegort filled a large one. They headed to the companionway, and Maximillian started down. Tegort found he was too small to fit, so he threw his water down from the top. The large quantity of water hit Maximillian from behind and knocked him from his feet, spilling his bucket, and washing him to the feet of Udrin. The elf was standing outside the Magister's room, clothing and skin heavily burnt. Ludovic was inside, smothering the last of the flames.

"What did you do, halfling?" The floor, the Magister's bed, the wall, and the ceiling were charred. The porthole had been violently smashed open, as had the cabin's door. "You almost burned down the ship, with invaluable maps and tomes in the adjoining cabin!" The slightest indication that Maximillian may be the cause of the fire was enough of a focus for Ludovic's anger. The human glared at Maximillian, though he too was burnt, flesh and clothes, and exhausted from beating out flames.

Maximillian stuttered, "This...this was the work, the cleansing fire of Sigmar! He is ridding us of the tainted stone the evil wizard brought aboard! That foul magic that affected Oswin. He probably seeks to spare the rest of us."

"Stone does not burn, halfling." The elf gestured into the room with one hand and upon his person with the other, "wood burns. Clothing burns. Flesh burns. Stone does not burn."

Mullberger crashed down the companionway. "I heard the Bianca was on fire! Have you seen Master Eiche? When I woke up this morning, he was gone."

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mini-Review: Thurn and Taxis

Thurn and Taxis is, of all things, a postal-route building game set in Germany. The goal is to score the most points by making progressively longer postal routes (from 3 cities up to 7 cities). The first person to make a 7 city long postal route triggers the end game. You can also get points by having a post office in every town of a colored section of the board (I believe there are 7 or so). You can get points by having a post office in every color of the board, too.

It was a relatively quick game that I found surprisingly fun. There are enough towns available to choose from each turn that it is relatively easy to build your postal route (maybe I got lucky; who knows). Each turn is draw-a-card, play-a-card, with one of four special actions you can do per turn. These switch the game up enough to give you plenty of player agency.

Beware, when you think you have one more turn to go around the table before you win, an opponent may use a special action to cut your game short.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Character Profiles: Vaervenshyael III

Vaervenshyael is an elf who has a lot of talent with a sword and a bad outlook on the world. She is tired of evil, injustice, and prejudice. She doesn't wait for established law to stick up for her or what she believe in. She would rather rely on the justice of her blade.

Below are stats for this character during the height of her adventuring career. Beginning stats for the three different systems can be found here. Duelist entry-level stats are here.

Age: 69  Weight: 155 Height: 5'9" Sex: F Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Grey/Blue Level: 9
Alignment: G/CG Description: Earring Star Sign: The Dancer

Below are stats for WFRP 1e, WFRP 2e, and D&D 2e S&P.

The Duelist by SBraithwaite

 Duelist (Complete Career)

M 4 WS 80 BS 62 S 5 T 6 W 7 I 101* A 2 Dex 41 Ld 47 Int 79 Cl 79 WP 62 Fel 47
IP 0 FP 1

Skills: Dance, Disarm, Dodge Blow, Etiquette, Excellent Vision, Marksmanship, Night Vision, Ride Horse, Street Fighting, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Specialist Weapon - Fencing Sword, Specialist Weapon - Pistol, Specialist Weapon - Parrying Weapon

Hand Weapons: Rapier* (+20 I, -1 Damage), Left-handed dagger

Missile Weapons: Pair of dueling pistols

Armor: Mail shirt

Trappings: Hooded cloak, boots, sling bag

Languages: Old Worlder, Eltharin

Other: Horse - Cysgodlleyad

WFRP 2e Duelist (Complete Career)

WS 54% BS 58% S 42% T 51% Ag 66% Int 43% WP 46% Fel 42%

A 2 W 13 SB 4 TB 5 M 5 Mag 0 IP 0 FP 2

Skills: Charm, Common Knowledge - Elves, Dodge Blow, Gamble, Gossip, Intimidate, Perception, Ride, Sleight of Hand, Speak - Eltharin and Reikspiel

Talents: Ambidextrous, Coolheaded, Disarm, Etiquette, Excellent Vision, Master Gunner, Mighty Shot, Night Vision, Quick Draw, Sharpshooter, Specialist Weapon Group (Fencing), Specialist Weapon Group (Gunpowder), Specialist Weapon Group (Parrying), Specialist Weapon - Longbow, Street Fighting, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Suave, Swashbuckling

Weapons: Rapier, Main gauche

Missile Weapons: Pistol

Armor: Mail Shirt

Trappings: Common clothes, worn boots, tattered cloak, sling bag

Other: Horse - Cysgodlleyad

D&D 2e S&P Swashbuckler

Str 16 Stamina 17 Muscle 15
Dex 17  Aim 16 Balance 18
Con 8 Health 8 Fitness 8
Int 15 Knowledge 14 Reason 16
Wis 12 Intuition 12 Willpower 12
Cha 16 Leadership 14 Appearance 18

Weapon: Long sword (+5/+3, 2 att/round) THAC0: 7
Weapon: Main-gauche (+1/+2, 2 att/round) THAC0: 11

Armor: Studded Leather (AC: 3 [Kit, Balance bonuses])

Optional (Skills & Powers)
Racial Abilities: Sword bonus, Dagger bonus, Infravision, Less Sleep, Resistance, Bow bonus
Traits: Ambidextrous, Glibness
Disadvantages: Bad tempered
Class Abilities: Multiple specialization
Kit abilities: AC bonus when studded armor or less (+2), Reaction roll bonus when dealing with the opposite sex (+2)
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Blind fighting, dancing, etiquette, jumping, language - elven, language - common, riding - land based, running, tightrope walking, tumbling
Weapon Proficiencies:  Long sword, dagger & knives group, Two Weapon, Armor
Weapon Specialization: Long sword, daggers & knives group
Weapon of Choice: Long sword
Weapon Mastery: Long Sword

HP: 64