J is for Jellyfish

Jellyfish - itchy waters

The Empire rivers and lakes have very few jellyfish. Fact is there are some but they are difficult to spot and catch due to their tiny to small size. The cost of the Wasteland, Nordland and Ostland and the Sea of Claws host a lot of gelatinous tentacles. Few are edible, all look very alien but some have powerful effect on the human body.

One species named Botuxlia Frigidiarus is the new hype in Marienburg and Altdorf high society. Women of the high society are becoming avid consumers of Botux. This new product is an invention of Nordlander physician Dr. Justinus Kramer. He offers his miracle cure to the unpleasant signs of passing of time. In simpler words they are wrinkles making all noble lady looking older than they are. Dr. Kramer miracle is based on the localized application of trailing tentacles of the Botuxlia Frigidiarus on the face of his patient. First the skin react with reddish dots where the jellyfish stings. This cause a freezing sensation but after few minutes, skin color is back to normal and wrinkles are reduced. This treatment cost 80 gold pieces and its effect lasts 2 to 3 weeks.

The doctor offices are located on a barge he customized for his activity. The barge contains several tank of salty water storing the jellyfish, and a luxurious operation room. The barge follow a route from the Sea of Claws to catch the jellyfish and later travel to Marienburg and Altdorf for selling his service. His team is compose of a navigator used to the Reik and the sea. Two fishermen catch the jellyfish while at sea using secret recipe of baits. They act as armed guards while cruising on the Reik and docked in cities. An assistant is in charge of cleaning the tanks and feeding the animals. Finally he has a beautiful assistant that could use some Botux treatment.

Physician guide and even Sigmar clergy are suspicious about this new activity. But women of important judges or nobles prevents attempts to stop Dr. Kramer activities. Especially as it is a natural treatment producing safe and visible results. Competition is trying to reproduce Dr. Kramer’s enterprise without much success so far. Huge rewards are offered for people ensuring a regular parallel supply. Underground networks try to also have their shares, but for unknown reason they haven’t succeeded. All these events and stories are fueling more and more rumors about Botux:

  • Botux is an addictive product, people can’t stop using it
  • People using it become puppet of chaos
  • Dr. Kramer’s assistant is a cultist
  • Strange purple light are seen at night coming from within the barge
  • Dr. Kramer’s diploma is a forgery
  • Jellyfish aren’t native of the Sea of Claws
Some are true, some are just from envious people. Make your own choice.


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