B is for Boar

Boars and elks - when the hunted fight back

History is full of reference to hunting accident. King died after a being hurt while hunting. This event is used in Games of Throne so don’t hesitate to transpose these stories to the Old World and its dark and dangerous forests. Hunters or travellers can easily become the hunted or get serious injuries while doing it.

When a character goes hunting for food or travels through a forest he is taking risks. Even looking for rabbits might upset bigger animals. A wild animal is a dangerous beast for the unprepared. Even a hunter can be surprised by a wounded elks charging him. Boars are fast, heavy and have piercing fangs. Even if elks are vegetarian they possess sharp antlers.

Here we focus on typical forests animals to highlight that even a vegetarian must be hunted with caution. This is not the only point by doing so a game master stress on the Grimm side of Warhammer. Firstly players will never look beastmen in the same way. They will truly understand how powerful and dangerous they are in their environment. They will expect dirty tricks, brutal action combined with sharp instincts. Secondly, players will always remember that Old World forests are not for the dilettante. They will seek and respect woodmen and forester. Expect more interaction with NPC like interviews to hire experts and guide.


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