M is for Mercenary

Let's be honest: most PCs could probably be considered mercenaries. They all work for gold, quite often for the highest bidder. The WarHammer Mercenary career isn't much different.

The book describes a mercenary as one who "fights for money, the spoils of war and the taste for blood." It is a fighter class career, able to advance martial and melee skills. The Old World constantly has a battle (or two) going on, and mercenaries are the lifeblood of the battle.

However, wise mercenaries realize that the fate they are most likely to see is death. These ones leave off hiring out to generals and seek to make their fortunes in other ways. This is where the PC comes in. A battle hardened veteran who is seeking a bit of a different life.

But in WarHammer, living means fighting. The only questions are where and who/what.

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