X is for Xenophobia

With a complete dearth of Xs in the career, skills, bestiary, or locales section of the first edition book, I deviate to a term that is very appropriate for the WarHammer world. Xenophobia is ubiquitous in the Empire...and beyond.

Chaos is rampant in the Warhammer world. The forces of chaos are responsible for war, mutations, and cults. The person next door to you, the one you've lived beside your entire life, could be a cultist or a mutant. It's difficult enough to trust your neighbors...there's no way you can trust people you don't know. And there are plenty of people in the wide world you don't know.

For the most part town and cities are insular. Expansive travel is only for the rich and/or the daring. Those you don't know are considered 'other'. Others can be hiding any number of secrets, most likely ones that will get you killed.

And that's just other humans. Surely the other races are out to get you, too. Dwarves are about as violent a race as one could imagine. Surely they would like to do nothing more than attack the humans. They just can't because of overwhelming numbers.

Elves. The elven mindset is so completely foreign, who has any idea what they are really thinking. Surely they don't like how human have treated the forests, the fields, the waterways. And aren't elves associated with dragons? You know dragons would rather kill you and eat you than look at you. There are also rumors of dark elves. Supposedly you can't tell them apart from regular elves....

The Warhammer world breeds xenophobia, paranoia, and mental breakdown from anxiety.

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