I is for Initiate

An initiate is one who strives to enter the priesthood, to become a cleric, or a senior priest. Because “the period spent as an Initiate is often regarded as a test of the individual’s spiritual resolve and fitness for progression into the priesthood,” this is an optimal adventuring career. Having only the ability to read, speak the Classical language, and their faith, these (usually) young people are sent into deadly situations to test said faith. This is an optimal career for players who like to start with relatively low characters and work their way up.

For those who think clerical progression in D&D is too slow, this career is not for you. The initiate/apprentice/student careers are almost like a DCC zero-level funnel, attempting to see which characters are worthy of progressing into a real career. However, once onto their second careers, inequalities balance out quickly, and these characters can become some of the most powerful ones in the game.

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