K is for Kislev

WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition does not have anything in the way of careers or creatures that begin with K. Though some of the supplements I have read make mention of orders of Knights, they aren't found in the core rule book. The one place where the letter K abounds in this rule book is in the locales. Most of the dwarf holds are Karak something-or-other. However, since I'm very likely to talk about dwarves once this A-Z month is over (I just finished a great book that every WarHammer fan should read...), I will instead talk about Kislev.

Kislev is the northernmost city-state of the Empire. They are the bastion between Troll Country (the beginning of the Chaos Waste) and civilization. The capitol of the city-state is the city of Kislev. The city is well defended with walls and river gates. However, since the city is so close to the chaos wastes, it is not without the corrupting influence of chaos. Stone walls bear the blisters and marks of chaos taint held at bay for many, many years.

Whenever chaos armies enter the Empire to do battle, they must travel through Kislev first. The residents of the city are trained from their youth as defenders. They are very strict in their training and in mental self-defense against the whispers of chaos. The enemy of chaos is order, and Kislevites are trained to maintain order at all costs.

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