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September 7th, 2009: Wurld's Edge Ribsmashers at Hell's Pit Warplocks

Twenty-three thousand fans came to watch the game in perfect Blood Bowl weather. Here's the breakdown of our bloody game: First Half: 2: Reeluz Musksquirter (W) threw a completion to Cartdodger (W). 3: Cartdodger (W) scored a TD! 3: Rolok Horsemauler (R) got a casualty on Cartdodger (W). The gutter runner was badly hurt but will suffer no long term effects. 5: Yurt the Clanless (W) was ejected from the game for fouling a Ribsmasher. 8: Rolok Horsemauler (R) scored a TD! Second Half (began with a riot, but the clock was reset): 1: Ditz Long-whiskers (W) smashed his own ankle on a play trying to dodge by a couple Ribsmashers. 2: Fungus Lioneater (R) was ejected from teh game for fouling a Warplock. 3: Naz the Skulker (W) was blocked into the bloodthirsty crowd, which proceeded to fracture his ankle. The gutter runner will have to miss the next game. 3: Lagak Eyeripper (R) got a casualty on an unnamed Skaven journeyman. The poor slob fractured his leg and had no