F is for Fimir

I had to take my second diversion from career-related posts to post another creature from the WarHammer bestiary. It is a creature that, as far as my experience can tell, is also unique to this game.

The book relates, "Rumored to be part Human and part Demon, the Fimir haunt bogs, fens and desolate moorlands...." They are humanoid in appearance, almost built like orcs, with one eye set low in their head and a long pointed snout like a mole. They have tails, often with mace-like
growths at the end. Some Fimir can cast wizard and demonologist spells.

These creatures are great for ambushes in marshy areas, appearing and disappearing with the mist.

They make an appearance in the 1e adventure The Dying of the Light, chapter 5: The Place of Testing. The encounter involves demon-possessed Fimir and a Meargh (Fimir wizard) of great power.


Marc Torley said…
I LOVE Fimir.
Once ran an epic plot based over several campaigns where the Fimir were slowly building their strength getting ready for an epic take down of Marienburg. Finally, since no one had spotted it, I ran the plot.

The best moment of story from the whole thing- the army of Marienburg is ambushed and trapped by the Fimir and as a deadly mist settle on their besiged camp and the sounds of them about to start their attack, the Marienburgese commander smiles and says "Good, we have them exactly where we want them!"

Afterwards a Merchant gave employment to WAY too many demobbed Imperial soldiers by offering a large standing bounty and any and all Fimir skin that could be found.
Most people believe they are extinct now.
Of course they aren't :)

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