Z is for Zoat

The Warhammer world has a few defining creatures, like the beastman, the skaven, and the warriors of chaos. They also have unique creatures, or at least creatures I had not seen in my gaming experience. Some of these include the fimir, amphisbaena, and the zoat.

A zoat is a reptilian centaurish creature with the upper body of lizardman (but with more of a turtle-shaped head) and the lower body of what can probably be best described as an ankylosaurus. The rule book describes them as rare, even more so than elves, creatures mostly of legend. They are quite, reclusive, yet powerful, forest-dwelling magicians.

I have no idea what the basis is for this creature, but they are incredibly tough. They can move silently through dense undergrowth, they use magic, and they are stronger and tougher than an ogre. They cause fear in goblinoids and lizardmen. Their weapons alone sound like items of adventure:
Their characteristic weapon is a long wooden staff tipped with a metal-bound cylinder of black stone; the metal is silver and carved with strange symbols which are indecipherable by other races. These weapons are wielded as a two-handed mace, and only a Zoat can use them effectively.
Re-reading this information, I feel bad that I have never used this creature in a game. However, between my participation in this A-Z challenge and the posts of others doing the same, I have been inspired to include many new things. It's going to be a great year of gaming.

Until the next A-Z challenge, I hope to see you around here and there in the blogverse.


Chickenbane said…
Really enjoyed your A-Z, so much so that I have a hankering to get my old WFRP out and get my gaming group on to it. Cheers.
Timothy Brannan said…
Congrats on completing the A to Z challenge! I am glad you made it! I enjoyed all your posts all month long.

Tim Brannan
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Roger said…
Thanks you guys! You should definitely get out WFRP stuff and game like there's no tomorrow.

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