J is for Jailer

A jailer is an ideal companion to have when exploring dungeon. Jailers work in jails or dungeons. They spend most of their waking day there. They know regular noises from irregular noises, normal smells from abnormal smells. Not only that, but they are likely already immune to any disease or poison the party happens upon.

Personality-wise, jailers tend to be rather apathetic to the whining plights of the accused, which they have to listen to daily. Jailers may be a bit sadistic, being able to treat prisoners in pretty much any way they desire. They may also acquire a bit of a god complex, since they essentially control the lives of the scum of the Empire. It is no wonder many jailers seek to advance their careers as Slavers or Torturers.

Until then, give them a club and bring them to the dungeon crawl with you. You may be surprised at how helpful the Jailer is.

Character: Liam the Jailer. (Warrior class)
Past experience: "Keeping the peace" in the Emperor's dungeon.
Personal quote: "About time for me to take this training and get rich off it, innit?"


Anonymous said…
WOW, you are doing multiple posts per letter. I struggle with one! I enjoyed my visit today. ~~Emmly Jane
Tim said…
Great synopsis Roger of the Jailer. No question most jailers are sadistic souls.

My Jailer, Deiter Narbe, The Scar, started out as PC I played in a campaign long ago. Somewhere there is a half finished short story of Deiter setting out to leave the profession. His nickname and surname were fitting, Narbe being Scar in German. Yet I made Deiter a more compassionate, if self interested, type.

Deiter feeds the unfortunates that were the charge of the watchmen, who were much more sadistic. He just wanted to earn a living and soon found a way to be a jailer and a messenger.

Roger said…
Emmly Jane: I have another person doing half of the posts. He doesn't want to use a website of his own.
Marc Torley said…
Good write up on the jailers. Gave me a few ideas :)

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