Wolverine (WFRP 1e)

First up on my X-Men conversions to WarHammer FRP mutants: Wolverine!

I crossed part Chaos Beastman, part Warrior of Chaos, and made some Hero level advancements.

M 4 WS 71 BS 33 S 4 T 5 W 15 I 45 A 2 Dex 40 Ld 29 Int 30 Cl 89 WP 89 Fel 24

Size M (5' tall)

Physique:  Wolverine is much as you imagine him from the comics and cartoons: He is short, with disheveled black hair, very muscular, and has bone claws that erupt and retract from the tops of his hands on demand.  These claws are treated as a natural weapon, so he gets no penalties for fighting "hand to hand."

Alignment:  Chaotic. He does what he wants when he wants why he wants.

Psychological Traits:  Wolverine is immune to Fear tests.

Special Rules:  Wolverine can regenerate damage. One wound point can be regenerated per round.

Skills:  Acrobatics, Concealment, Rural, Consume Alcohol, Dodge Blow, Excellent Smell, Follow Trail, Frenzied Attack, Game Hunting, Immunity to Disease, Immunity to Poison, Lightening Reflexes, Orientation, Shadowing, Silent Move Rural, Sixth Sense, Street   Fighter, Very Resilient


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