Mordrin-Interlude 1 (WFRP Campagin)

Narrative interlude to what happened previously.

Mordrin fights determined against the undead mob. His girth and recent activity level, however, have left him unable to fight from dusk to dawn, as a proper slayer might. He starts to flag, getting clawed by hungry zombies and stabbed with the arm bones of those he severed. As his strength fails, Morrslieb disappears behind the mountain. The remaining zombies fall, leaving a battered and bleeding dwarf who can scarce lift his weapons. The scene is gruesome. The dwarf is barely distinguishable from the corpses. Luckily the townsfolk are too distracted to see how the dwarf has maimed their dead kin. He shuffles off in search of his companions, more due to exhaustion than a desire to rejoin the party.

Mordrin stumbles into the common, seeing the elf, knight, the manling "that knows his letters" standing over the torn bodies of a priest of Sigmar and the insane priestess Mordrin himself nearly dispatched. Seeing the dwarf's state and association with the heroes and town guard, he is given care, if reluctantly approached at first by Imperial barber-surgeons. Mordrin's wounds ache and are red from infection.

Mordrin is finally pushed into a bath by the doctors of the Markgraf, ordered to scrub clean by Shallyan attendants and properly bandaged. The lye soap prescribed by the priestesses seems to have cleared up the rash as well. However, the dwarf won't know that for a few hours, as the bath and holy ministrations have allowed him to slip into a deep slumber, unable to be interrupted by anything less than the roar of a dragon.


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