WFRP: Morrslieb's Shadow (7th Sitting)

There was an interlude between the 6th and the 7th sitting, wherein we were encouraged to narrate how we thought the 6th sitting ended and what our characters did the 48 hours following. My Slayer only had plans for the first day, but his needs are basic and easily met.

Mordrin Skorkinson, Troll Slayer. All I really know about him is his name, his weapon, and his job. Except...he's currently jobless and not exactly impressed by the members of his (former?) party. He realizes that he probably needs to stay on their good sides, considering they will probably leave the town as a group again.

He now wields a two handed war-hammer taken from a slain priest of Sigmar. Don't fret; the priest deserved it. He is looking for sheaths for his previous weapons, an orc Choppa and a sword taken from the body of a slain hobgoblin.

My companions:
A Brettonian Knight Errant
A High Elf Student
A Human Scribe
A Wood Elf Wizard Apprentice

Encounters and notes
The town of Helmgart is trying to hail us as some kind of heroes. I guess they feel pretty guilty that they couldn't kill their own evil.

From what I overhear, the Scribe is getting credit for my zombie kills and the Knight is lauded for killing the Shallyan fanatic...the same one who I gravely wounded and let run away so I could open the doors of Helgart and save fleeing townsfolk.

There are two runes on my new war-hammer. One I identified as a Smashing rune (+1 damage). The other is dimmed because the war-hammer was used in shameful ways by the priest. I want to identify the rune and get it glowing again, but I don't know what the rune is. I tried to ask other learned dwarves in town, but they didn't know either. They suggested I find a Runesmith/Runelord. That's next on my list of tasks.

I tried to get sheaths for my sword and my choppa, but they are not even close to any standard equipment the town has in stock. I might have to leave the two weapons behind instead of taking them as spares.

I finally got outfitted in adventuring gear. I've come a long way since the party found me with no possessions, about to be sacrificed by orcs.

The town had their precious Knight "hero" jousting for the "honor" of which door was opened first to admit trade. Humans throw these words around without even knowing what they mean. There was enough trumpeting and fanfare to deafen a musk ox. In the end, the two door were opened almost simultaneously, so it seems like it was all a bunch of human hullabaloo about nothing.

The Knight Errant won his jousting match, so the local taverns are feeding me free ale. Amazing how that works. 


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