WFRP Novels and Hope

Readers and players need hope. The novels have none. 

What is Gotrek and Felix's* hope? For the dwarf to die. It is never going to happen! 

What is the hope of the dwarfs? To hold against the onslaught of Chaos. What happens? Their keeps are overrun, one after the other. Dwarfs die. 

The hope of the Empire is to beat back Chaos, but the chaos is in them. Cultists are constanding attacking from within and weakening the Empire. There is no hope. 

I reject that. 

I play in 1e, in a place where there is still hope. Come. Join us. Tell us of your hope-filled Warhammer settings. You can have both Warhammer and hope-filled, but if your balance is off, it will be more like playing a different RPG...a game I might start to read about next...a game with hope: D&D.

*I actually think Felix's hope is to survive many more exciting adventures by Gotreks side, not to see Gotrek die.

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