April A-Z Blogging

I know the April A-Z blogging is not a new concept, but I have never taken part in it. Every time I read about it I become extremely interested. My free time is not what it once was, and I often find myself lacking time to put up a good gaming post.

However, get ready! I have 26 labels from WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition that I want to blog about next month. They are mostly careers, supplemented with some creatures from the bestiary where there are gaps. When there were multiple options available, I tried to choose the one that was the most iconic to WarHammer (in my opinion).

The posts aren't necessarily going to be very long, again due to that lack of free time I mentioned. They are not going to be as high quality as people who have been doing this for years. But they are going to get me the experience of the process.  I hope you might find some enjoyment therein.


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