Reading Gaming Blogs

There are a number of different blogs I try to keep up with, but one I keep up with every day. This is Tenkar's Tavern. I thought about it last night to try to figure out why I always keep up with that one blog out of the many. What it came down to was that the posts are always (relatively) short and they always keep me up to date in my area of interest: role playing games.

Blogs like Gnome Stew have a variety of information that is handy for GMs sitting down to plot out their games. However, the posts are not short. I know I want to take the time necessary to read them, so I put off reading them until I feel like I have an extra few minutes. Apparently I very rarely feel that way, because my Gnome Stew queue is growing.

Other blogs are specific to some sort of home-brew world they are working on. While those do interest me, they are often not short either because they want to describe how they came up with their rules.

Yet other blogs are written well in advance and with no interest in keeping the reader up to date with what's going on in the industry.

Thank you Tenkar for what you do. This is definitely a labor of love.


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