WFRP: The Streets of Morrslieb (6th Sitting)

(I'm going to change the sitting number from the number of the sitting's I've played to the actual number of sitting's the GM has run for this campaign. How's that for shedding egocentrism?)

Thursday night we played out sixth sitting of our biweekly WarHammer game. It was all action. We had a new player, which we didn't interact with until the end of a 3 hour sitting. He was, however, part of the initiative rotation and doing things the whole time.

Mordrin Skorkinson, Troll Slayer. All I really know about him is his name, his weapon, and his job. However, as far as I can tell, his job finished when we reached the gate of the city last night. From there I just had to wing it.

He now wields a shiny sword taken from a slain hobgoblin. His previous weapon, an orc Choppa, is held in his left hand for lack of anywhere else to store it. His only other "possession" is the section of a tent he has wrapped around his middle as a kilt.

My companions:
A Brettonian Knight
An Elf Student
A Human Scribe

Encounters and notes
We reached our destination to see that the town was burning. The goal of our quest was to return with a cure for the pestilence raging the town so it didn't have to be burned to the ground. Major goal FAIL.

The priestesses of Shallya are carrying rapiers and burning down their own temples...which, by the way, are also orphanages! I personally felt like I needed an insanity point just for hearing this. My 1e sensibilities were trained that priestesses of Shallya were forbidden from taking a life for any reason ever.

The horrendous chaos moon caused those who died from the plague to rise up as zombie and attack the townsfolk. What a trifecta we have going here.

The townsfolk were held inside the burning city by barred gates. When the Shallyan fanatic opened the barred gates to escape my doom, I followed her in. As she was not worthy of my time, and certainly was not going to provide me with an epic death, I ignored her in favor of letting the humanlings out of the burning town through the newly opened gate. Who says a Slayer can't be civil?

I couldn't hear anything over the roar of the burning town, so I climbed the gatehouse to the top of the wall to see what needed killing. What I found was our Brettonian Knight about to get ambushed by the rising dead. I did what any noble dwarf would do and I leaped off the wall to attack the undead (which also happened to be the source of my greatest injury of the night).

After saving the Knight from the undead, he turned and ran off as 5 more zombies rose to attack me. Needless to say, the dwarf is not very impressed with the Knight at this moment. I'm pretty sure I'll go so far as to call him a coward and majorly impinge on his honor.

The elf, who is supposed to be my rememberer, took off to try to put out some of the fire engulfing the town. Look, I know he might not expect zombies to be my undoing, but my rememberer is supposed to be around to record my doom when it comes. I'm not too impressed with the elf at this point, either, though I suppose I could be convinced that he never thought zombies would kill me. 

Apparently the person in the party I get along with best at this point is the scribe...who I haven't met yet. I'm at the southwest corner of the town fighting zombies. Everyone else is in the north part of town killing zealous priests and priestesses.

So far I have 5 zombie kills.

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