World Building: Alternate D&D Setting

This is a setting my friend used for our AD&D 2e game. I wanted to get it down to save it.

  • History: All races were slaves to dragons at one point. The "lesser" races revolted and gained their freedom. The dragons still ruled a section of the continent.
  • He modified/created dragon lords using the Council Of Wyrms boxed set. These dragons were nasty!
  • Magic was very prevalent across all nations.
  • There was one nation ruled by an oligarchy council.
  • There was a religion of were-priests. They gained their transformation through their god. (I had a were-priestess named Shallya [stolen from WarHammer] who could change into a panther.)
  • He created his own pantheons, basing a lot of skills and powers from the Skills & Powers book. (He let me co-create the were-priest religion.)
  • There was a region ruled by a college of wizards.
  • There were Ice Elves who lived in seclusion.
  • Dwarves were strongly prevalent. He ran an entire Dwarven campaign across deserts to reclaim some lost holds. (My Dwarf was Gr'Dar, a fighter.)
  • There was one human-heavy militant region that had a corps of flyers (giant mammalian flyers). They guarded the hinterland between the realms of the lesser races and the dragons. Why? Good question.
  • There was a vast wasteland between the dragon and lesser races that had roving tribes of lizardmen.
Now...who'd like to see a map? I don't have one, but I'm hoping he can find his.


Tom Coenen said…
This sounds like a cool setting to play in. Dragons, were-priests, giant flying mammals, Ice Elves, etc.

I'd like to see his map, this setting looks very creative.
Roger said…
Seriously. I'm going to have to bug him about it. He could even mail it to me and I'll scan it.
DOHTIG said…
I will dig up my map and scan it in. It has been a long long time!
Roger said…
If you're worried about forgetting, don't worry. I'll remind you. Daily.

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