World Building: Alternate D&D Setting

This is a setting my friend used for our AD&D 2e game. I wanted to get it down to save it.

  • History: All races were slaves to dragons at one point. The "lesser" races revolted and gained their freedom. The dragons still ruled a section of the continent.
  • He modified/created dragon lords using the Council Of Wyrms boxed set. These dragons were nasty!
  • Magic was very prevalent across all nations.
  • There was one nation ruled by an oligarchy council.
  • There was a religion of were-priests. They gained their transformation through their god. (I had a were-priestess named Shallya [stolen from WarHammer] who could change into a panther.)
  • He created his own pantheons, basing a lot of skills and powers from the Skills & Powers book. (He let me co-create the were-priest religion.)
  • There was a region ruled by a college of wizards.
  • There were Ice Elves who lived in seclusion.
  • Dwarves were strongly prevalent. He ran an entire Dwarven campaign across deserts to reclaim some lost holds. (My Dwarf was Gr'Dar, a fighter.)
  • There was one human-heavy militant region that had a corps of flyers (giant mammalian flyers). They guarded the hinterland between the realms of the lesser races and the dragons. Why? Good question.
  • There was a vast wasteland between the dragon and lesser races that had roving tribes of lizardmen.
Now...who'd like to see a map? I don't have one, but I'm hoping he can find his.

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