On Character Death

If you play in a game that I run, there is a chance that your character might die.

I want you to play in my game. I want you to have fun. I won't seek to kill you. I'll even be rooting for you. However, there are deadly things in the world you are adventuring in.

I need to warn you about these things, as much as possible. (Dragons? They are always deadly. You've been warned.) If you are coming upon a lair, I need to describe the bones outside. I need to let you meet the Ogre butler.  I need to tell you rumors in town.

Where there is a trap containing a block that falls from the ceiling, I need to describe the deep divots on the floor and the bloodstains.

In the past, I have not always lived up to my part. It is completely understandable if this upset you. I will do better in the future. 

I thought it only fair to warn you. If you don't think your character should die, you won't like me very much. That makes me sad, and I'm sorry. 

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