How to Keep Them Occupied

Here's a quick question for this Friday:

Let's say you want to keep adventurers interested in one large room for more than just a few minutes. Maybe for an entire sitting. There would have to be many things in the room, right? What kinds of different things would you put in one large hall to keep adventurers' interest?


Keith Davies said…
"Treasure" is the trivial answer. They'll be happy to spend time scooping that up.

Failing that, some kind of puzzle usually works. Sometimes "there's something weird here, let's figure it out" is enough, sometimes you need bait.

The potential for treasure. Lots of bins and boxes to open. Throw in some traps or other puzzles so they have to figure things out.

Roger said…
I like the potential for treasure.
Keith Davies said…
well... there should be treasure at least sometimes, or they'll learn they're wasting their time. But there doesn't have to be treasure all the time.

Just... no rats and copper pieces. That never works.
Roger said…
Well, there has to be rats and copper, as sort of a homage. However, if it's WarHammer, which I am planning at this point, it will be brass pennies. And I'll split the 2000 up between a couple different packs. You'll really have to be looking for it to find it.

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