Gaming Inspiration: GI Joe Cartoon

I've been re-watching some beloved 80s cartoon lately, and some of them give me some pretty cool ideas.

The original GI Joe cartoon can be corny in ways (some of the character names are just as laughable as the ones in He-Man), but there are good ideas to be had as well. Early episodes are almost like quests, with the Joes racing against Cobra to retrieve some object or another. Sometimes the two sides even have to cooperate in order to survive the dangers of the locale.

Quests can be fun, if not overused. Rare relics can be fun to seek out (and then use!). Cooperating with the enemy for the survival of all is a good twist to throw in now and then.

All around, watching these early episodes has given me a few good ideas for when it comes time for me to run a game again.

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