WFRP: Groz Zorn (10th Sitting)

Last night was the tenth sitting of our WarHammer 2e online campaign.

Mordrin Skorkinson, Troll Slayer*. Though he hasn't actually slain a troll. At least not since I've been running him. Apparently there was the potential for a troll in this sitting, but either the fickleness of Roll20 or our actions kept it from appearing. I didn't quite catch which it was.

He now wields a magical two handed war-hammer taken from a slain priest of Sigmar. Don't fret; the priest deserved it.

My companions:
Tibalt - A Brettonian Knight
Udrin - A High Elf Scholar
Gustav - A Human Scribe
Ato - A Wood Elf Wizard Apprentice

Encounters and notes:
We began where we left off last week facing an orb of great and ruinous power. There were grey pillars spaced around the orb and an evil elvish voice casting unseen from the other side. I charged the evil elf voice, as the other elves in my party had given me permission to kill an elf. There's something I don't think any Warhammer dwarf could resist. Anyway, as I got closer to the pillar, I noticed it was actually a humanoid form in grey burlap writhing to the casting of the spell. I hit it with my hammer, hoping to disrupt the integrity of the circle and the casting. Later it turns out that the writhing pillar forms were likely captured human sacrifices. I hope I at least put the wretch out of his misery.

The knight reached the dark elf well before I did (curse these short dwarven legs sometimes!) and shield bashed the creature out of his spellcasting. However, it wasn't until the druchii saw me charging that he abandoned all hope and launched himself into the orb. I was preparing to follow, when the room flashed in a white haze and we we all transported elsewhere.

It turns out we were transported more than 120 miles NE from our original location. I was the first to awaken from the magic that knocked us out. My companions were face-down in muddy water, looking like they did not survive the potent elf magic. The elf was several yards away regaining consciousness himself. I redoubled my resolve to kill the creature and continued charging after it, adding vengeance to my fury.

The diagnosis of death was a bit premature. My companions came to as I was charging the elf. They all did the same, and though I was the first to begin the charge, I was the last to arrive at the elf. By the time I got there, everyone else had beaten him down. There was no challenge left, and I was sick of running after the pathetic husk that was attempting to crawl to freedom in the surrounding forest. I let the others have their revenge.

I pointed the way back toward the Grey Mountains, and the knight led the group in that direction. We came upon a small town that was very welcoming to dwarves, luckily for my beaten companions. I don't think Udrin could have walked much farther. He's rambling on about some orc attacking him, but I didn't see such a thing. I think something about the druchii magic scrambled his brain.

*The GM has ruled that my hand in killing the two 12-foot troglodyte in the previous sitting was grounds for me to consider myself a Giant Slayer! I have moved up to the next career and can now spend the EP I have been hording. My vengeance will be mighty and my doom epic!

I have decided I need a secondary theme for this character. He is rather out of the mix when there's no battle actually going on. I know it fits the theme of depression that follows Slayers, but it doesn't make for the most interesting roleplaying or social interaction. I either need a secondary theme/goal, something to encourage interaction or I really need to play the depression aspect up.

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