DodecaheDRONE Play Report

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DodecaheDRONE scouting mission report #3478 as uploaded by [DRONE12].

[DRONE12] = "Peeping" Tom HUNTER, re-purposed scout drone using SOLDIER chassis. Modifications include Enhanced Sensors and Solar Powered. Limited wi-fi connections to other DRONES within 100 ft.

Also on this mission:
[DRONE2] = "Speaker" COMM DRONE

Mission notes:
Resources located 2 hours outside of STAF. DRONES sent to explore and retrieve, if possible. At site TOM scouted ahead. TOM identified a mass of shadows lurking in an open doorway. TOM also identified a group of 5 humans scavenging resources. Four of the humans worked while the fifth kept lookout. Logic circuits dictated attempting to avoid the shadowy figure while attempting to engage the humans in peaceful talks.

SWORD caught the attention of the shadowy figure on the way by, and the DRONES were attacked by a giant insect. SOLDIER knocked the insect out with one punch.

SPEAKER utilized a Linguistics program to greet the humans in multiple languages. One of the languages was comprehensible, and the humans responded peacefully. SPEAKER negotiated trade with the humans, contingent on the DRONES gathering resources from further in the insect dwelling. The humans termed this an "ant hill."

SWORD led the foray into the ant hill, timed the coming and going of the insects, and planned an ambush to neutralize the one large insect in the DRONES' way. SPEAKER jammed the insect's auditory pathways, while SWORD felled the creature with two punches.

The DRONES loaded up on half the available ant hill resources and returned to the humans to complete the trade. Upon completion of the trade, the DRONES returned to the STAF with the required resources.
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