April A-Z Debriefing

Wow. I just finished queuing up my last April A-Z post (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay themed). It has been an extremely fun experience. I really should have participated before this. I fully realize that my posts were about as basic as possible, but I understood that would be the case going in. I consider it a warm-up year. This whole A-Z thing may be "so 5 years ago," but it was a new experience for me to participate. I found some blogs that I will continue to follow (see below). It was a worthwhile event for me, if for no other reason than that.

Next time it is my intention to delve a little deeper. Unfortunately, I will still be in college during the next two A-Z challenges, so I may not be able to designate as much time as I currently intend. I'm not sure if I want to use the theme of Advanced Careers, Dwarf Terms, or Notable Personalities. The latter two would take a little more time and energy. We'll see. There are 11 months to come up with other themes.

Here are the new blogs that I began following specifically because of the A-Z challenge:

Polar Bear Dream and Stranger Things. This blog ran through a list of gaming concepts, mostly from an old school point of view. What has me excited, though, is that it intends to being a 'Warhammer Wednesday' in May.

ROFL Initiative. While I didn't have me ROFL, this blog posted an original hand-drawn map every day of the challenge! These maps are high quality. I don't know what the rest of the year will bring, but I have an idea it was a valuable addition to the blogroll.

Tower of the Archmage. This blog posted a new creature every day of the challenge. The creatures are very imaginative. The scenario presented at the beginning of the write up was a worthy post in and of itself. I also enjoyed the descriptions after the stat block.

You'll find these 3 in my blogroll to the right.

Also participating, blogs I was already subscribed to:

The Song of Middenheim. This blog details the city-state of Middenheim (WFRP). When I say "details" I mean extremely details. Other world-builders have nothing on this.

Another Caffeinated Day. The A-Z posts were each a specific, fleshed-out NPC for the Warhammer world. Many of them intertwined with each other. This blog also happens to be the personal blog of my GM. :)

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