Gaming Inspiration: Space Bridge

I have been rewatching some of the iconic cartoons of my youth, mostly just for the fun of it and to have a complete viewing of every episode. One lucky side effect from this is the inspiration I get for my RPGs. This time it's an idea I've seen time and time again on Transformers, but it just hit me how cool it would be.

In Transformers, the Decepticons have a space bridge from Earth to Cybertron. Whenever it strikes the writers' fancies, Transformers find themselves transporting through space between planets. I've never been one to want to mix my sci-fi with my fantasy, but certain ideas (like this) have me thinking about changing my tune.

Dwimmermount has a space bridge, of sorts, between the home planet and the planet of the red elves. I know there is theoretically plenty of area to explore on one home planet, but the idea of transporting to another for adventure is growing on me. The new planet doesn't have to be highly technological. The technology that built the space bridge could be long gone.  Instead, it is a great opportunity to use those races from the various monster manuals that don't quite fit in with your home planet but you have always wanted to use.

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