Gaming Inspiration: Predator Loose

The X-Men cartoon from the 90s was one of my favorites. The voice actors who played the X-Men were forever set in my mind as the way Wolverine, Xavier, Beast, and Rogue should sound. Naturally, nothing produced since has been able to live up.

There is one area where I think the cartoon dropped the ball, and I think it would be a very interesting addition to an RPG. At the beginning of the third season, they add an extremely dangerous predator whose ship crashed thousands of years ago. Wolverine inadvertently looses the predator, and the X-Men have to deal with a creature they can't really touch.  I was disappointed when I saw the "ultimate predator" was just some sort of incorporeal spirit drinker.

For my game's predator, I want to release a dangerous killer into lands the party cares about. It may be based off the creature from the movie Predator, or it may be based of...say...the Terrasque. Either way, it needs to be an indiscriminate killing machine and not just some psionic squiggly. It needs to ravage the land. It needs to be stronger than the party. People will die, and alliances will have to be made to kill the creature. It will be like the spirit drinker scenario, but to a greater degree.


DOHTIG said…
Would you make it something colossal in stature or smaller? Something similar to the predator from the movies would be cool in a RPG setting. No guns, just blade weapons. Cloaking (invisibility), abilities. The predator from the movies was a trophy hunter though not an indiscriminate killing machine. It could be adapted though. :)
Roger said…
I'd rather do something smaller.
Biz said…
I really like this idea and I think if I ever get my group off the ground I'll use this little adventure with them!
Roger said…
Cool. It's a simple little idea that could be dropped in a number of settings.
Roger said…
It would definitely be a moorwen.

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