Character Profiles: Valnir Narinsson (WFRP 1e)

Valnir Narinsson of the Longbeard Clan is a cleric of Grungni. He is a towering 4'10" dwarf with brown hair and grey eyes. He has a long beard tucked into his belt and coming out of a dwarf-faced belt buckle. His chosen weapon is a pick-axe (scan below).

Backpack contains: Book of Grudges (see below), blanket, tinderbox, iron rations, leather scroll case, waterskin, pewter tankard, crowbar, small hammer, and iron spikes.

Purse: Jewel of Power, coins

Belt Pouch: Pebbles

Necklace: Mithril pick (holy symbol)

Robes: Dark grey embroidered with a pick symbol.

Favorite spell (to date): Assault of Stones

Book of Grudges: Igor Erisitov from Brestikvia, Elizabeth Aitmatov (who is also possibly a witch), Sarah Littlefoot, Sakhaz Ironbeard (deceased).

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