Barrowmaze Delve Recap

Sunday afternoon I joined a group delving into Barrowmaze for the first time. I have the adventure, and I read it through many moons ago. I don't remember much about what's where, so I thought it would be a great experience to play in the setting before ever trying to run it.

My character is a female druid named Euthalia. Many months ago she cast Animal Companion and has trained a badger (Broc) to explore with her. She joins up with groups of adventurers who are going into keeps/dungeons/barrows in the midst of the wilderness. They are there for loot. She is there to rid the place of "abominations against nature."

Spells (4 due to Wis bonus): Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic, Entangle, Shillelagh.

Encounters and dressing
  • Rumors of undead, secret cults, and the name Orcus was thrown around. 
  • In the SE mound we found a staircase under a sarcophagus. 
  • The thief disturbed a nest of giant centipedes. Euthalia wouldn't help fight them because they are natural creatures. Broc did help fight them and got poisoned. He was slowed to half speed for many days. Luckily badger don't care. 
  • We lost most of our party due to technical difficulties in Hangouts/Roll20. We started with 2 theives, a dwarf fighter cleric, a druid, and 3 henchmen. We ended up with just one thief and the druid after the centipede fight. 
  • The thief found a pit trap by falling in it. Mark off the Cure Light Wounds. 
  • Searched a barrow and found 41 platinum. 
  • Found Giant Carnivorous Flies. Again, the druid didn't want to fight because they were natural creatures. The thief didn't want to fight because she couldn't take them. 
  • We found 3 mongrelmen counting their loot. They attacked us. Euthalia cast Entangle and the thief backstabbed the entangled creatures. We found 1532 cp, 1897 sp, and each got ~400gp worth of gems. 
  • Ended the sitting with 738 XP and 755 gp worth of loot. Not bad for a thief and a druid. 
Now we have to go home and wait for the poison to wear off the badger before we find another group to explore with.

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