O is for Ogre

Most of the other creatures in my bestiary A-Z run have been infrequently used. The ogre, on the other hand, is becoming very frequently used in my games.

It doesn't take too long for characters to stop fearing an orc or two. If a character has a couple pieces of armor and Dodge Blow, an orc fight probably won't last too long. Ogres step up the challenge for those who like to attack instead of parlay.

Ogres are strong, tough, and have a lot more wounds that your generic greenskin adversary. Ogre have interesting conversation styles, calling characters "slim," translating to "insignificantly small person."

Ogres feature prominently in the Doomstones campaign. There's a very interesting Black Library book (Wild Kingdoms) about ogre lands to the east of the World's Edge Mountains. Lastly, my halfling vampire hunter had an ogre bodyguard in a second edition online game I'm in.

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