W is for Wight

I really like the idea of using wights in my Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game. They are not quite an overused undead trope, though there are similar wraiths in the Lord of the Rings. It is nice to have the intermediate power between skeletons/zombie and vampires when dealing with the undead.

Wights are tied to the place where they are buried. The are ethereal, moving through solid objects at will. Their touch drains strength instead of causing wounds. Luckily, the strength can be regained after a full day of rest, 1 day per 1 point.

I like being able to fade in and out of corporeal-ity(?). I also like draining renewable strength points instead of doing wound damage, though a character can die if all their strength is taken. I like the ghost vibe, with the military trappings.


Timothy Brannan said…
I like that. I tend to make my wights solid though. Something like an advanced zombie with memories of it's former life.

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