L is for Lashworm

There is no telling when the lash of a lashworm will strike out at you. There's really no sense in trying to avoid it.

"These are carefully disguised by the creature so as to be virtually invisible to all but the closest inspections -- and even then, only the sensitive, hairlike trigger is normally visible."

"The trigger hairs can sense movement, such as a creature passing the Lashworm's hole, within 5 yards."

These small carnivorous creatures live in fissures--walls, stones, trees, you name it--and lash out at you with 5 yard 'tongues.' Seriously, you essentially can't see them coming. How carefully can you inspect for something that lashes out at you from 5 yards? And, as the GM's option, it is possible that only people with Identify Plant even know what to look for.

"Lashworms always cause surprise and always attack first, even if their victims are aware of their presence."

At least the creature is only attacking once before it's full and won't attack again for days. Perfect for the jerk GM who thinks the PCs are walking around with too many W and just wants to take a few with the players not being able to do a single thing about it.

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