K is for Kaarina

Kaarina Kiselyov is a kossar from Kislev (I didn't start out meaning to use that many K's). She is proficient in drinking, cursing, and killing. Many of her comrades (komrades?) are conspicuous killers, but Kaarina is more of a tracker and assassin, mostly because her white hair makes her difficult to see in a snowy expanse. Her eyes are hard and her strikes are sure.

Kaarina can usually be found in the company of a band of mercenaries, but if something were to happen to the rest of the group, she would be looking for employment.

M 4
WS 53
BS 45
S 3
T 4
W 9
I 35
A 1
Dex 39
Ld 29
Int 29
Cl 34
WP 34
Fel 29

Skills: Consume Alcohol, Dodge Blow, Gossip, Silent Move - Rural, Tracking

Trappings: Bow, arrows, white fur clothing, hand weapon of choice, daggers

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