[WFRP 2e] Maximillian Interlude 3

Maximillian Morningglory, Halfling Vampire Hunter
Magnus the Pony

My companions
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer

Tegort - Ogre bodyguard
Sir Ortolf Eiche - Magister and Wizard Lord of the Azyr Wind
Abelhardt Mullberger - Journeyman Apprentice

Italics indicate prose by the GM:
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A quiet mood hangs over the tavern known as Delb's Ferry. Attacked by a Druchii in the late evening, the morning brings the survivor's task of cleaning up the mess.
A pyre is prepared for bodies of the Druchii and a mutant, while a cell of Morrian Dreamwalkers give last rites to the rest: a fallen Roadwarden, the inn keep, the inn's ferryman and guards and the party's brutally murdered river hires.
Suderberg is days away over land on the thinly patrolled River Delb wagon trail and the party contemplates their travel plans.
The kindling is dry, but the sodden bodies of the mutants and druchii suppress the attempts to light the pyre.

The Morrians, having completed the last rites of the fallen seem to be equally frustrated by something. at the far side of the pyre. The Reverend Brother Dieter of Morr's Dreamwalkers in Middenland (as he took some length to explain after the dirty task of cleaning up had begun, but only after he assured Sir Eiche that he was indeed "first an ordained Priest of Morr, as are my companions, and a Dreamwalker by calling!").

The frustration seems to come from his initiates and they appear, animated, and suggesting something Dieter disagrees with, yet Dieter relents.

"Master Maximillian, may I have a word with you for a moment? My companions have suggested I discuss with you an opportunity, one not directly related to my aforementioned dreams of a halfling bearing a stake of power..., I'm sorry, it's just that we must return to the conversation of you joining us...but that is not my ask at the moment." Pausing to collect his thoughts.

"If I don't discuss this with you, and though you, maybe you may help me address the Magisters Eiche and Sol-Valdir, lest my companions broach the idea less...politically. And I must say, they have a good idea.

"So much is unknown about the dark elves and so far inside the Empire. If I had not witnessed it myself, would say that the witch was sent to assassinate the Celestial Wizards, instantly mutating as she did to strike him down.

"Do you know of the miracle of Ansprache von Morr
 (Speech of Morr)," asks the priest, looking down at Maximillan with the contemplative face of a grief counselor.

"Sounds familiar, but perhaps you should refresh my memory."

"Ansprache von Morr is a blessing of Morr that allows his servants to speak to those that have crossed over to Morr's embrace.

"The prayer is a long one, but with the proper components and the aid of my brother's prayers, I think Morr will allow us to speak to the vile witch before we destroy her body. We may also learn more about the death of your boat men.

"We just need the mirror in the snug and the one over the bar.

"Can you trust the groß Ohren Sol-Valdir? I fear if we ask Morr to speak to the dead witch we'll need to speak 'elf.'

"I think you will find Morr's blessings and the charge of the Dreamwalkers to your liking Master Maximilian."

"Wait...are you going to make a ghost?"

"Well, "a ghost" is a complicated matter of theology in the cult. Maybe we should discuss this with Udrin?

"Trust me though that Morr will take back what is his. He allows us only a brief visit.

"Ha! I just thought of what a powerful story Ludovic shall tell of the Dreamwalkers!" Dieter beams and pats Maximilian on the back, looking up and around for Udrin. 

"No, no. I'm the group's contact for questions regarding the undead. I was just verifying. Go right ahead. I'll stick around with my crossbow and my holy water...just in case."

Sometime during our talks: "A lot of rough stuff happens on the road, and sometimes my friends don't make it," Maximillian thinks of Willowwand's mutilated body. "I think, well, I should like to have a holy symbol of Morr with me. For when my friends don't make it and there is no priest around to send them on their way."

Dieter, the priest of Morr, sees Udrin and, practically pulling Maximilian along side, calls out.

Dieter turns for a moment to Maximilian and says, "Return to the pyre and have the witch's body set aside. We don't want it destroyed, yet. Wait for us though if the wardens give you trouble, but my companions will aid you."
Maximillian walks over to the roadwardens: "We're to spare her body from the flames until the priests can delve her mind for whatever information might remain." He starts checking over her armor/costume, trying to figure out how it works.

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