Weekly Roundup 7

Now that summer break is here and my schedule is less hectic, I'd like to start a new weekly post...a round-up, if you will, of different interesting things I have read through the week. I hope you find these enjoyable...and helpful as well.


Chivalry - It Isn't Good Manners by Rick Stump (Article)

Chivalry vs courtesy vs stupidity. Your game may be more fun of you play appropriately.

Revised Magic Book Name Generator by David Brawley (Article)
Who doesn't like a good random name generator? This one is for that special tome you want to talk about or share with the players. Get your d30 dusted off!

Negadungeon by Jack Mack (Article)

I like the idea that there is a dungeon you know you don't want to enter. All the signs, hints, and rumors confirm you don't want to, but you must. Your honor/quest/race's survival depends on it.

I also like the, tangential, idea that there are things you can release during your adventures that are completely out of your control. You may open a chest and a trapped horror escapes, devastating the countryside. An honorable party would adventure to destroy it, if they can. What will your party do?

Good Isn't Stupid, or weak, or nice. by Rick Stump (Article)

Remember the roundup in which I stated my fondness for clerics? Here is a shining example of good ways to play paladins and other good-aligned characters.

The Town of Chalk Hill by Dyson Logos (Map)

I can see using this town in a (noncommercial) WarHammer game. I might call it a village...or maybe just a settlement. Either way, it needs a German name. I present Kreide Hugel!


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