Weekly Roundup 4

Now that summer break is here and my schedule is less hectic, I'd like to start a new weekly post...a round-up, if you will, of different interesting things I have read through the week. I hope you find these enjoyable...and helpful as well.


Happy 2nd BANCE-iversary to Flip the Table! We're kicking off our 3rd year with one of the biggest IPs in the world of gaming as we take on Pokemon...but not the good kind like you want...is it enough to take down Team Rocket in the end, or will you be left crying like a kid with a prematurely unplugged link cable? Plus, in the Battle of Wits, the panel struggles to name a single Pokemon correctly.

When the World Was Young by Kenton Kilgore (Article)

His memories of D&D sound fun, indeed. And he says it helped him craft a novel. I like these kind of stories. Includes insights on how to craft a story to an audience, how to create interesting (non-player) characters, how to invent and describe interesting settings, and how to enliven tropes.

Shadowrun, Shared Campaigns and a New Seattle Scream by Sean Holland (Article)

This guy has a long standing Shadowrun game, and he is starting a shared campaign. And he posts new D&D magic items on Tuesdays!

...And Miniature Figures by James Maliszewski (Article)

It would still be several more months before I opened up that Basic Set Mom had bought for Dad and a few weeks more after that before my friends and I actually began playing D&D in earnest. The moment I first perused the blue rulebook contained within that box, I was reminded of the articles my father had shared with me and the photographs that accompanied them. That’s because that rulebook carried the unwieldy subtitle “Rules for Fantastic Medieval Role Playing Adventure Game Campaigns Playable with Paper and Pencil and Miniature Figures.”
The Great Blog Roll Call 2014 by Charles Akins (Article)

The great blog roll call is expanded and updated. There are around 350 tabletop RPG blogs on this list. Everyone should be able to find a blog or two in the niche of their interest.

(I would list my blog under A, but that's just my opinion.)

Misunderstood and Improperly Played - the Cleric by Rick Stump (Article)

I have always been a fan of clerics. I have played many clerics and had a blast. This article goes a little long, but gives some good ideas on playing the class.

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